Listen to Giacchino’s new JURASSIC Theme

Jurasic World Fallen Kingdom - first listen

Preview Michael Giacchino’s new theme for JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM [link below]

From a story by Marc Sneitiker posted June 7, 2018 at

Entertainment Weekly’s web site has given us a first listen to Michael Giacchino’s new theme for the latest JURASSIC WORLD movie, FALLEN KINGDOM, which opens June 22nd. While revisiting some of the themes and motifs from his first JURASSIC WORLD movie (from 2015), but he’s also composed nearly an entirely new musical suite for the sequel.         

“A big orchestral sound is part of what people expect from a Jurassic Park movie,” Giacchino told Sneitiker in the story. “John Williams certainly set the tone, so I wanted to stay in that realm, but now here we are, five Jurassic Parks in, and I didn’t want to do the same thing I did on the last film. This film has a very different tone, so I basically went to the director, Juan Antonio Bayona, who I’ve known for many years, and said, ‘What if Bernard Herrmann and Stravinsky had a baby who wrote the score for this film?’”

Giacchino embraced the opportunity to go into a new, more tense, and much darker, direction than he had in the previous film. “It didn’t mean that I would abandon the orchestral element, but just texturally how you use melody and chords and eighths and the sort of ugliness that you can get out of an orchestra to create these frightening moods,” Giacchino said. “The main theme is really about the darker world they’re going into, and it’s used in many different ways: in a positive way, a dark way, a humorous way, if you need to. There’s all kind of things you can do with it, but it needs to speak to what the story needs.”

Read ew’s full story – and listen to the new theme – here



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