Expanded Soundtrack Lucio Fulci’s UN GATTO NEL CERVELLO

December 3, 2017

Italy’s BEAT Records Announces Expanded CD Release of Fabio Frizzi Horror Classic

Beat Records Fulci release 2017

2017 marks the 90th year since the birth of Lucio Fulci, a great director and artisan of the camera. Highly regarded for his stylistic contributions to the world of cinema, his movies are always notable for their expressive originality and great soundtracks. Such is the case with his 1990 slasher/horror film UN GATTO NEL CERVELLO (A Cat in the Brain), a classic Italian film of excessive extremes with an explosive score by Fabio Frizzi, who scored ten of Frizzi’s uniquely stylish cinematic horrors, of which this was the last. “It’s a psycho-sonic trip on a crazy pentagram, centrifuged by an electronic jacquerie united by a compositional vision, a small, musical, cosmic phenomenon filling a crystal container, to be admired by listening to it without touching so as not to be tainted by its dangerous beauty!” elaborated the record label.

Beat Un Gatto DelCervelloExpanded by a dozen previous unreleased tracks over the previous 15-track release, Beat Records proffers this definitive CD release features, totaling 27 tracks mastered by Enrico De Gemini and featuring a 12-page booklet containing comprehensive notes by Fabio Frizzi and Antonella Fulci, beautifully booklet designed by Daniele De Gemini.

– via Beat Records Facebook Page

For more information, see beatrecords.it



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