Jackals: Every family buries secrets. Some don’t stay buried.

June 2, 1028

JACKALS Soundtrack available in CD/download bundle

Jackals NfNNotefornote Music presents Anton Sanko’s horror score for the 2017 horror thriller JACKALS, in a special CD + 24/44.1 khz download bundle.

JACKALS is set in the 1980s and stars Stephen Dorff as a cult deprogrammer who has been hired by a family to retrieve their estranged teenage son from a murderous cult. While deprogramming the boy, they find themselves under siege by the cultists who demand the boy be returned to them.  JACKALS was screened at the Cannes Film Festival and multiple horror film festivals around the world.  

The score by Anton Sanko (JESSABELLE, BIG LOVE, OUIJA) is a creepy mix of tension and atmosphere.  

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Watch the JACKALS trailer:



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