Book 2 Expanded Table of Contents

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Book Two: Post Classical Cinema and Music Beyond Hollywood (The 1960s)

Chapter 12: The Mysterious Worlds of Bernard Herrmann
Romance and the Sea (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir)
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Herrmann and Hitch
Scales Up the Down Staircase (Vertigo)
Terror in Black and White (Psycho)
A Foul Play: Final Works for Hitch (The Birds)
Herrmann and Harryhausen
The World Below the World
A Signpost Up Ahead… Herrmann’s Television Scores
European Thrillers
Herrmann and De Palma, Cohen

Chapter 13: Baxter, Corman & Co: Sci Fi, Horror & Fantasy Music of the ‘60s
The Baxter Boom
Sixties Stein (Ronald Stein)
Sawtell and Shefter’s Last Score on Earth
The Kool Katz
The Power of Kauer
Destination: Dunlap
Bell, Book, and Duning
Applebaum Unmasked
Horrors from (William) Castle (Von Dexter, Hugo Friedhofer, Benjamin Frankel, Van Alexander)
The Eloi, The Morlocks, and Russell Garcia
Seven Faces of Leigh Harline
Souls Music (Gene Moore/Carnival of Souls)
The Naked Organ (Ray Plagens/The Naked Witch)
The Time Travelers’ Composer (Richard LaSalle)
Mizzy’s Merry Music
Eye of (Gary) McFarland
Ralph Ferraro’s Beasts & Flesh
The Music Library and Igo Kantor
Phibes and More Phibes (Basil Kirchin, John Gale)
Chamber of William Lava
2000 Notes! – The Musical Legacy of Herschell Gordon Lewis
Music of the Living Dead
Alex North’s Odyssey (2001)
Striving for the Top 40: Pop Stars and ‘60s Film Scores

Chapter 14: Horrors from Hammer and Others: British Sci-Fi & Horror Film Music of the ’60s and ‘70s

1. Composers in the House of Hammer
Slaney’s Spaceways
The Horror of James Bernard
Don Banks
Concerted Contributors (Arnold, Searle, Salzedo, Reizenstein, Frankel)
Dr. Norman and Mr. Heneker (Monty Norman, David Heneker/Two Faces of Dr Jekyll)
Night of the Parker (Clifton Parker)
The Man Who Could Write Music (Richard Rodney Bennett)
Music for the Brides (Malcolm Williamson/Brides of Dracula)
Astley at the Opera
Maniac Music (Stanley Black)
Elisabeth Lutyens at Hammer
Gerard Schurmann’s Lost Score
Curse of Martelli’s Score
Score! Score! My Composer! (Wilfred Josephs)
Quatermass and Tristram Cary
Harry Robertson and the Carmilla Trilogy
Whitaker’s Circus
Hands of Gunning
The Modern Dracula (Mike Vickers, John Cacavas)
Laurie Johnson, Vampire Hunter
The Last Hammer (Paul Glass)

2. Beyond Hammer
Amicus: The Studio that Dripped Blood
Music Without a Body (Albert Elms)
Musical Horr-Orr (Buxton Orr)
The Omega Music (Ron Grainer/The Omega Man)
Scores of Fu Manchu (Christopher Whelan, Bruce Montgomery, Daniel White)
That Magnificent Music From The Goodwin Machine (Ron Goodwin)
Frenzy in the Village of the Triffids (Ron Goodwin)
The Composer General (Paul Ferris)
The Wicker Music (Paul Giovani/The Wicker Man)
Blood Music (Marc Wilkinson/Blood on Satan’s Claw)
More British Horrors
The Mark of Geoffrey Burgon
The Company of Fenton (George Fenton/Company of Wolves, etc)
Score of Illusions (Simon Boswell)
Wiseman Vampire Killers (Deborah Wiseman)
Mirrormasks and Lost Souls (Iain Bellamy, Jane Antonia Cornish)

Chapter 15: Aztec Mummies & Fighting Luchadores: Monster Music in Mexico, South America, and the Philippines
El Carrión (Gustavo Cesar Carrión/El Vampiro, etc)
Attack of the Aztec Conde (Antonio Díaz Conde/Aztec Mummy, etc.)
The Diabolical Pérez (Jorge Pérez/Nostramadus)
Música de otros compositors (Bernardo Serrano, Luis Hernández Bretón, Raúl Lavista, etc.)
Guitars for Galindo (Pedro Plascencia, etc.)
Scores Further South of the Border (Coffin Joe, etc.)
Filipino Fantasy Film Music (Ariston Avelino, Restituto Umali etc.)

Chapter 16: European Stylisms: From Anton Garcia Abril to Zdeněk Liška

1. Spain
Anton Garcia Abril, Waldo de los Ríos, Carmelo A. Bernaola, etc.
Nieto of the Dragon (Jose Nieto)
Jess Franco & Daniel White
Contemporary Spanish Composers (Javier Álvarez, Roque Baños, Javier Navarrete, Alfons Conde, Fernando Velázquez, Zacarías M. de la Riva, Arnau Bataller, etc.)

2. France
The Testament of Auric
The Early Maurice Jarre
The Innocence of Georges Delerue
Renoir a Kosma
The Diabolical Music of Van Parys
Misraki-ville (Paul Misraki/Alphaville)
Franco in French (André Bénichou)
Rhythms for Jean Rollin
Jean Prodromidès: Blood and Roses
Francois De Roubaix: Daughters of Darkness
Popular Tunes and Romantic Melodies: Laloux, Legrand, and Lai
The Awakening of Claude Bolling
Sarde Story
Gabriel Yared’s Voyage
Que Serra (Eric Serra)
Frédéric Talgorn’s Real Steel
The Curious Chords of Alexandre Desplat
A Chorus of Coulais
Music for Immortels, Angels and Ils Alike

3. Germany
Dead Eyes of Music (Heinz Funk/Dead Eyes of London)
(Gert) Wilden and Son
(Peter) Thomas’ Timbres
More from Munich
De Rooij: From Cologne to the Hollywood Boll

4. Denmark
Ib Glindemann, Sven Gyldmark, Anthony Lledo

5. Sweden
Erik Nordgren, Harry Arnold, Johan Söderqvist, Christian Wibe, etc.

6. Norway
Trond Bjerknǣs, Magnus Beite, etc.

7. Finland
Sven Einar Englund, Juri & Miska Seppä, Panu Aaltio, etc.

8. Iceland
Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson

9. Greece
Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjiakis,

10. Poland
Krzysztof Penderecki
The Fearless Vampire Composer (Krzysztof Komeda)

11. Turkey
Karlo Kapoçelli, Engin Duzyol, Justin R. Durban, etc.

12. Russia
Eduard Ar­temyev, etc.

13. Czech Republic
The Airship and Rychlik
The Fabulous World of Zdeněk Liška
Luboš Fišer and the Music of Wonders

14. Serbia
Milan Tričković, Srđan Šaper & Vuk Kulenović, Zoran Simjanovic, Janja Lončar, etc.

Chapter 17: Italian Film Music Innovations: From Sword & Sandal to Grue & Giallo
Popular Peplum
Vlad The Composer
Roberto Nicolosi and the Rise of Mario Bava
From Peplum to Black Lace – Carlo Rustichelli
Aldo Piga and the Early Italian Vampire Film
Carlo Innocenzi
Spazio Musica (Gino Marinuzzi Jr./Planet of the Vampires)
La Leggenda Di Lavagnino
Giallo Grooves
Il Maestro Morricone
Fellini’s Rota
Nicolai’s Nocturnes
Suoni Nuovi in Prehistoria (Mario Nascimbene)
Crypt of Carlo Savina
More from Ortolani
I Giganti Di Romitelli
A Twitch of Cipriani
Music of Mannino
Giuliano Sorgini at Manchester Morgue
From Giallo to Grue
Argento, Simonetti, and Goblin
Fulci, Frizzi & Company
Emerson, Argento, and Inferno
The Boswell Phenomenon
Maurizio Abeni’s Modern Giallo Music
Darkness Surrounds Giallo (Marco Werba)

Chapter 18: Snow White, Carl Stalling, & The Simpsons: Music for Animated Fantasy & Science Fiction
The Wonderful Music of Disney
Stalling & Bradley
Fleischer Fantasies
Curtin Calls
Music in Bass
Fortissimo for Filmation
Adagio for Adelaide
Music for Moose & Squirrel
Riffs for Rosen
Traces of Bakshi
Toaster, Brave
Tremendous Tunes for Tiny Toons
Schacker & the Star Sheriffs
Electronica, my dear Watson, Electronica
Transforming Music
Bluth’s Bravura
Shirley Walker: The Animated Composer
The Dynamic Trio and the DC Universe
The Death of Superman and the Rise of the Dark Knight
Excelsior Espressivo!
Sequel-itis: Disney in Diminuendo
Animated Offshoots
D’oh Re Mi – Alf Clausen Meets The Simpsons
Family Chimes (Family Guy)
Cracking Chords, Gromit
Powerpuff Music
Manthei & The Nanites
Crescendo for Prime Time Critters
Thirlwell’s Musical Venture
Scored Together (Eban Schletter/Drawn Together)
Cloning the Star Wars Universe (Kevin Kiner)
A-List Animated Features
CGI Wars and Animation Renaissance

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