Book 3 Expanded Table of Contents

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Volume 3: The Symphonic Resurgence and the Rise of the Machines (1970-1989)

Chapter 19: The Versatility of Jerry Goldsmith
Jerry Gets Started
Escape Velocity: The Mid ‘60s
“Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”
Illustrative Music
Ringing in the ‘70s
The Omen and The Oscar
Running Out of the Seventies
Debacle 1: Alien
First Contact
Sci-Fi & Horror: The 1980s
Debacle 2: Legend
Amazing Music
Voyages Through the Early ‘90s
Fantasies of the Late ‘90s
The Final Years
Debacle 3: Timeline
The Final Tune

Chapter 20: The Rise of the Machines: Electronics in Film Scoring 1950-1990
The Early Electronic Aesthetic
Forbidden Tonalities
Strains of Mellé
A Carlos Clockwork
Blood Orgy of the Squeals
Synthesizer Symbiosis
The Music of Hell House
Schulze Scores
Severe Synth Scores of the Seventies
The Carpenter Compositions
Alan Howarth’s Hyper Reality
Surplus Slashers on the Prowl
Post-Halloween Electronica
The Electronic Imagineering of Craig Huxley
From A Legend To A Dream
Night of DeVorzon
Assorted TechnoScores
Full Circle
The Vangelis Variance
Moroder Mixes
Inseminal Scott
Day of the Creepmusic
“I’ll Be Brad”
Chopping Cirino

Chapter 21: The Fantastic Film Scores Of John Williams and the Re-emergence of Symphonic Music
“Come On Into The Water”
Music From Long Ago and Far Away
Alien Encounters
Telekenisis, Shark Redux, and The Man Who Can Fly
Romantic Vampire
Williams Strikes Back
Raiding the Lost Archive
Phone Home
Return of the Celli
Other Journeys
Phantom, Menacing; Clones, Attacking; Sith, Revenging
Further Realms of Spielbergiana
The Boy Who Lived
Worlds Apart
“About time you showed up”
Encounter with TinTin

Chapter 22: RENAISSANCE: Fantasy Film Music in the ‘70s and ‘80s – Part One
An American Composer in…
Shaken and Stirred: John Barry from Bond to Bells
What’s The Matter With Raksin?
Friedhofer’s Last Bow
Who Will Survive The Last Massacre Left in Texas?
Rosenman’s Fantastic Voyages
Revolt of the Apes
The Advent of James Horner
One Man Band
The Musical Lifeforce of Henry Mancini
Jarre in America
The Schifrin Chronicle
The Island of Dr. Rosenthal
The Poledouris Touch
The Immortal Musical Adventures of Michael Kamen
Scott in the 80s
Small Scores
A Nightmare on Charles Street
Craig Safan, Starfighter
Young Bruce Broughton
Shore Lines
Music of the Gods
Theatre of Lewis
Significant Scores of Sci-Fi
Musical Ecliptic (The Music of Equinox)
The Legend of Mendoza-Nava
My Bloody Zaza
When Kaproff Calls

Chapter 23: Resurgence: Fantasy Film Music in the ‘70s and ‘80s – Part Two
The Hellish Horror Music of Christopher Young
Back To Silvestri
Danny Elfman’s Big Adventure
The Menace of Manfredini
The Gelfling Song
Holdridge Harmonies
Hephaestus and the Fox
A Rubinstein Retrospective
Donaggio’s Howling Horror Scores
Evil Threads
The Changeling Conundrum
Music At Its Peake
Spear’s Colorful Composition
The Thomas Newman Effect
Blue Velvet Vibe
The Strange Verve of Cameron
Roger Bellon’s Unholy Waxworks
Prince of TV Terror Music
Frontiere’s Name for Evil
Further Fearsome & Fantasy Refrains
Massari and the Killer Klowns
Toxic Tunes
Renzetti’s Rythms
Marx Of The Vampire
Blaxploitation Horror Scores
Ragland’s Rags
Doc Savage: The Music of Bronze
Return to the Shire
Davis Unbound
The Company of Fenton
Pop Coen
Avant-Garde and Atonality in SF & Horror
Lambro & The Living Dead
Altered Stasis
Kellaway’s Chords

Chapter 24: Mad Max, Raging Boars & Black Sheep: The Dissonance Down Under
Smeaton at Hanging Rock
Mad May
Iva Davies’ Razorbackbeat
Additional Australian Atmospheres
Gordon’s Lot (Christopher Gordon)
Enhancing The Lurking Fear (Rafael May)
Kiwi Chords
Black Sheep of the Outback (Victoria Kelly)
Tunes for Tatau Terrors (Peter Scholes)

Chapter 25: The Creepy Fragrances of J-Horror And Other Haunted Fantasies from the Orient

1. Toho Monsters in the ‘90s and Beyond
Mothra Reborn, Mothra Rescored
The Ôshima Touch

2. Classical Chinese Melodies and Kung Fu Compilations

3. Threads of J Horror
The Kaidan of Kenji Kawai
Infuriations of The Grudge
Fugues for Fukusaku
Miike’s Music Master
Further Journeys Into J-Horror

4. Martial Arts Fantasies
Arthouse Kung-Fu & Fantasy
Fantasy & Fluff

5. Seoul Music

6. Bali Beats

7. Macabre Malaysia

8. Thai Tones

9. West Meets East
Musical Ghosts of Mae Nak

10. Animusic: A Very Brief Glimpse into Anime
Score Cruiser Yamato
Anime Express
Hayao and Hisaishi

Chapter 26: Bollywood Beats & Lollywood Lyrics
India: Classical Traditions and Song
Hindi Sci-Fi
Pakistani Horror
Modern India: The Sweep of Bollywood

Chapter 27: The Music is Out There: Episodic Television Music of the 90s and Beyond
Ongoing Missions Into the Roddenberryverse
Headroom for Hoenig
A Kiner Superman
Arpeggios for Alienation
The Super-Heroics of Shirley Walker
Indiana Jones and the Music of Prime Time
Film Music Babylon
The Ambience Is Out There
Harmonies for Hercules, Xpressivo for Xena
The Outre Limits of John Van Tongeran
Through the Stargate
Lexx Miserables
Sounds of Sunnydale
Adagio: The Angst of Angelus
“Goldfish Shoals Nibbling At My Toes” – Red Dwarf
Through the Wormhole (Farscape)
Anachronism in the ‘Verse (Firefly)
Battlestar McCreary
Lost in the Music
Who Redux
Masters of Music
“Score the Cheerleader. Save the World.”
Fear Is A Luxury – but Music Is Not
Copeland With The Dead
Primeval Soundscapes
True Barr
Reviving The Past
The Dynamic Documentary Music of Michael Whalen
Spectacular Strains of Science Fiction
The Fire & Fugue of Fantasy
The Harrowing Harmonies of Horror
The Capricious Chords of Comedy

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