Book 4 Expanded Table of Contents

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Book Four: The Turning of a New Millennium & the Explosion of Fantastic Cinema (1990-2010)
(some segments still under construction/revision)

28: Fantasy & Fusion: The Hybrid Horror & Fantasy Music of the 1990s – Part 1
The Decade of Danny Elfman
When Reiner Met Shaiman
The Emergence of Randy Edelman
Suburban Techno (David Michael Frank)
The Goldenthal Chronicles
Horner in the ‘90s
Arnold. David Arnold.
Basil Poledouris and the Mobile Infantry
Shore Before the Rings
The Massive Sound of Christopher Young
Band on the Run
Name That Tune (Charles Bernstein)
Shocking The System (Gary Chang)
More Horrors of the ‘90s
Killer Critters & Bedrock Beats
K-Men in Action (Michael Kamen/X-Men)
Scott in the ‘90s
Snow is Out There (Mark Snow/X-Files Movies)
Patrick Doyle’s Frankenstein
Patterns in Glass (Phillip Glass/Candyman, Secret Window, etc.)
Scream, Beltrami, Scream
A Species of Shearmur
Troost and Tremors
Manfredini: Master of Time and Wishes
Jay Ferguson: More Nightmares & Further Tremors
Licht Classical
Eidelman’s Undiscovered Music
The David Williams Prophecy
Sometimes He Writes Film Music
Music of the Highlands

29: Sci-Fi, Horror, & Synthesis: The Hybrid Horror & Fantasy Music of the 1990s – Part 2
The Outbreak of Newton Howard
Spontaneous Revell
Deep Blue Rabin
Cool Blade Mark
Folk Music
Heart of the Soldier
Debney’s Night At The Museum
Alienating Frizzell
Bernstein’s Science Project
The Ottman Empire
So I Blew Up The Score
Joel the Conqueror
The Last of the Lilliputians
Mystery Music
Memoirs of the Invisible
Silvestri Makes Contact
McKenzie’s Magic
Miller’s Menacing Misteriosos
Pike’s Peak
Nyman’s Nocturnes
Meet Tom Newman
A Texas Chainsaw Manzie
Further Furioso of the 1990s

Chapter 30: New Styles For The Musical Millennium – The Evolving Dynamics of Fantastic Film Music
Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Musical Media Ventures
The Badelt Breakout
The Powell Persuasion
The Glennie-Smith Connection
The Lion, The Witch, and Gregson-Williams
Gregson-Williams Of Another Chord
Transforming Jablonsky
The Dooley Dimension
The Zanelli Zone
The Djawadi Dynamic
Expressions of Eshkeri
The Rona Rhythm
Lohner’s Legato
The Övarsson Obbligato
Music In The Matrix
Swing Away: The Howard-Shyamalan Connection
Elfman 2000
The Debney Touch
Sci-Comedy from Clinton
Revell Flux
Robert Rodriguez and The Big Fat Score
The Tarantino Equation

Chapter 31: The New Musical Millennium: Part 2: Continuing Masters
The Grand Fellowship
The Silvestri Situation
Schifrin Gears
The Young Century
The Isham Inclination
League of Extraordinary Music
Jason in the New Millennium
21st Century Band
Scores On A Plane
Farewell to Basil
Snow on the Big Screen
The Dragon Edelman
Patrick Doyle and the Goblet of Fire
Bi-millennial Man
Arnold Royale
Badalementi’s Dark Music
Seed of Donaggio
Eye on Beltrami
Remembering Shirley
Boswell Meets Baum
Spirit of Newman
Ottman Returns (or: The Fantastic Forte)
Fear The Reaping: Frizzell’s Fearful Fugues
Sky Captain and the Dragons of Fire
Burwell’s Witch Project
The LoDuca Triangulation
The Mists of Holdridge
It’s Pike
Ross Everlasting
Fallen for Williams
From The Dark to the Music Library
Colcord’s Ghosts
From the Land Bellon
Dreith in Gag
Enchanted by Menken

Chapter 32: Embracing the World Beat: New Composers of the New Millennium, Part 1
The Tyler Tempo
The Wander Kloser Connection
Bates and the Boogeyman
The Lennertz Lacrimoso
The Consequences of Teeth
The Depasquale Dimension
Music ‘n the Huud
A Fragrant Bouquet
The House of Orenstein
The Carli Connection
A Musical Feast of Fear
The Stromberg Morgan Alliance
Measures of Mancina
The Musical Imaginarium of Maestros Danna
The Giacchino Influx
The Marianelli Magic
Incredible Armstrong
Horror Hostel
A Splinter of Cmiral
The Haskins-Cristo Confluence
The McCreary Inclination
A Look at Lockington
David Julyan in Depth
Harry, Hedwig, and Hooper
Quantum Clement
Elektra Expressivo
The Glasgow Generation
Moon Over Mansell
Yared Checks In
Bergeaud and Prince Valiant
thefilmscores of tomandandy
Gibbs before Galactica
Our Bloody Wandmacher

Chapter 33: The Next Generation: New Composers of the New Millenium – Part 2
Ghosts of Gillioz
Wintory’s Grace
Ryan Shore, Music Maker
The Kouvena Craft
The Music at the End of the Universe (Joby Talbot)
Wendler’s Way Home
Samples, Synths, and the Sci-Fi Channel
Cirino vs. Cobra
Attack of the Dickson
Acree Agitato
Allaman’s Haunted Trills
The Drizhal Dimension
Soiloquy for Sharktopus
…And Other SyFy Channel Scores
London Kawing (Steve London)
Arpeggios for The Asylum
Wiedmann on Haunted Hill
A Post-Modernist Cthulhu: Music for the Mythos
Further Realms of Fantasy & SF Film Music
The Diverse & Diffuse Dimensions of Post-Millennial Horror Film Music
Sax & Drums & Rock & Roll
Days & Weeks Later (John Murphy)
The Haslinger Harmony
Getting Clouser: The Musical Saw
The Book of Atticus Ross
Newcomer: The Ronnie Doyle Perspective

Chapter 34: Coda and Resolution

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