A Hasidic Horror

December 17, 2022

Christopher Young has Composed the Score for the Horror Film THE OFFERING

Directed by Oliver Park in his feature film debut and originally shot as ABYZOU, the horror film delves into familial themes of grief, denial, and shame within a Hasidic family in the horror as Arthur (Nick Blood) returns to his childhood home in Brooklyn with his pregnant wife, Claire (Emily Wiseman), hoping to reconcile with his father, Saul (Allan Corduner), in order to clear some of his outstanding debt. Saul works as the undertaker for the local Hasidic community, and unfortunately, their latest corpse carries a Jewish demon with plans for Claire’s unborn child. As the body count rises and the fate of Claire’s baby hangs in the balance, the family must dive into Kabbalah lore to ward off the entity and protect their future.

Composer Christopher Young has scored the film, fresh from composing music for “The Autopsy” episode from Guillermo del Toro’s CABINET OF CURIOSITIES and the 10-episode Apple-TV+ black-ops thriller series ECHO 13.

Premiering last September at Fantastic Fest 2022 in Austin, Texas, Millennium Media will bestow THE OFFERING to theaters and digitally on January 13th – a digital soundtrack is due for release on the same day and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon. A CD edition will be released by Notefornote Music (check on their website).

– via FilmMusicReporter and other sources.

Watch the film’s trailer:

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