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D’OH DEPARTMENT – Corrections

Much as I have tried through several rounds of careful proofreading and copyediting during the writing and production stage, a few errors/typos have been detected by diligent readers. These corrections will be included in the Errata chapter in Book Four, and incorporated into later printings/editions of Musique Fantastique.  – rdl
Thanks for input from Charles Thaxton, Jeff Berkwits, and Robert Hubbard.


Chapter 8, Page 273:
The title of the Nathan Van Cleave-scored film is PROJECT X, not PRIVATE X.

Chapter 10, Page 352:

Chapter 10, Page 353:
Regarding the music for TALES OF TOMORROW. Jeff Berkwits clarifies information on music credits I had gotten from other sources: “Bobby Christian provided music for the radio show of the same name (a loose spin-off which used entirely different stories and adaptations), but to the best of my knowledge wasn’t part of the TV production. Regarding Irving Robbin, I interviewed him before he passed away, and he indicated he was simply the music director and not a composer (he actually said that all of the music was library music, but I do know there was some incidental music now and again written specifically for the show). I believe that Lee White and Lew White are actually the same person (will double-check), and that what he provided was solely organ music.”

Chapter 10, Page 371:
Not an error but a clarification to my statement that Dominic Frontiere “modified elements of his OUTER LIMITS music into his theme and scores for THE INVADERS” – I am not referring to his OUTER LIMITS Theme, but rather to his music for the pilot of the spin-off show THE UNKNOWN (which was retooled and broadcast as the OUTER LIMITE episode “The Forms of Things Unknown”) that was used as the Main Theme for THE INVADERS. As Jon Burlingame notes in TV’S Biggest Hits (p. 111-112), Frontiere scored the pilot and three episodes of THE INVADERS drawing from his music for “The Form of Things Unknown” – much of the other early scores for this show were compiled of suspense and action music extracted from numerous OUTER LIMITS scores, which also generated THE INVADERS’ end title music.

Chapter 10, Page 379:
It was Marshall Thompson who starred in WORLD OF GIANTS, not William Marshall.

Chapter 10, Page 411:
In the synopsis of THE NORLISS TAPES, Roy Thinnes played Norliss, the investigator, not Angie Dickinson’s zombie husband.


2 thoughts on “Corrections & Errata

  1. Randall,

    Just finished the book today and can hardly wait for the next installments!

    Did notice one thing that struck me as odd – in the chapter on television music and the bit talking about Dominic Frontiere’s music for THE OUTER LIMITS. the text implies that it was the ‘Outer Limits Theme’ that was recycled as the title music for THE INVADERS — it was his music for the pilot THE UNKNOWN (retooled and broadcast as the episode “The Forms of Things Unknown”) that was used.

    Not errata, but just on observation – surprised that there wasn’t a mention of Warren Barker taking a stab at a title theme for LOST IN SPACE.

    Take care!


    • Robert –
      Thanks for your comments! You are correct about THE OUTER LIMITS vs THE INVADERS and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear on that. I’ll make sure to clarify that in the Errata chapter in Book 4 and in the Errata list I am compiling for this web page.

      cheers – rdl

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