April 27, 2017

Adam Taylor’s score for the new HULU series THE HANDMAID’S TALE will be released digitally by Lakeshore May 5. The series is a speculative science fiction story based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, about a dystopian society wherein women are considered property of the state. Taylor is a film composer known for his subdued, emotional, and minimalistic scores. 

For more details, see the report in Genre Film Music News.

April 21, 2017

Marvel Music/Hollywood Records has released the digital versions of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 songs-only album and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 original score album by composer Tyler Bates (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2, WATCHMEN) today. The film opens in U.S. theaters on May 5, 2017. The Awesome Mix Vol. 2 will also receive a physical CD set for release on April 28th; no word yet on a CD release of the score album.

For more details, see the report in Further Examinations.

April 20, 2017

Jed Kurzel’s soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s ALIEN COVENANT will be released by Milan on May 5.  On the same date, Disney will release Geoff Zanelli’s score for the fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie, DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.

James Newton Howard has been signed to compose the score for MGM’s new TOMB RAIDER film. The film, scheduled for release in March 2018, is directed by Roar Uthaug, known for the 2015 Norwegian disaster film THE WAVE, and stars Alicia Vikander (JASON BOURNE, EX MACHINA) as Lara Croft, and Daniel Wu (GEOSTORM, WARCRAFT) as Lu Ren.]

March 24, 2017

Trevor Morris’s score to EMERALD CITY coming to CD in May from Lakeshore

Lakeshore Records will release a soundtrack album for the NBC fantasy-drama EMERALD CITY, featuring selections from the show’s original music composed by Emmy Award winner Trevor Morris (IMMORTALS, THE TUDORS, OLYMPUS/LONDON HAS FALLEN, THE BORGIAS, IRON FIST). The soundtrack CD will be released on May 26th and is currently availiable for pre-order on amazon

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March 18, 2017

Horror Bites: Death Waltz Releases Michael Yezerski’s THE DEVIL’S CANDY

Death Waltz Recording Co. (A division of Mondo Tees) released last Friday via Bandcamp/iTunes/Spotify the original score to THE DEVIL’S CANDY from Australian composer Michael Yezerski. A physical vinyl release will come in May.

Yezerski’s approach to scoring THE DEVIL’S CANDY is forthright and simple: “Doom. Metal. Opera,” he stated. “Sean Byrne [writer/director], Jessica Calder and Keith Calder [producers] are visionaries. We had several deep discussions so I felt that my role was clear. I needed to provide a pervasive sense of claustrophobia and ambient doom inspired by the world of black metal and noise rock. The blending of tones had to be seamless.”

In THE DEVIL’S CANDY Jesse, a struggling artist, moves with his wife and daughter into their dream house in rural Texas, the price driven down by the property’s dark past. Their lives soon begin to unravel as the demonic forces lurking in the house take hold of the young family. Jesse’s paintings take a satanic turn while the family is plagued by Ray, the deranged son of the former owners. Soon it becomes clear that Jesse and Ray are both being influenced by the same dark forces and that Jesse and his family aren’t safe from its former inhabitant or indeed from the devil himself.

“I played strings on this score. I am not a string player,” Yezerski joked.  “My wife kindly lent me her violin and I tortured the crap out of it. That should tell you something about the nature of the string writing. Let me just say that it was perfect for a horror film.”     

Composer Michael Yezersky

The cue “The Swing” contains the DNA for the rest of the score.  Yezerski described, “It is a deceptively simple construction, but keep in mind that often the simplest pieces of music are the most difficult to write – I needed to figure out how to create tension, build momentum without expanding the instrumentation or the style. It took a few goes to find the answer, but when I did, that track really opened up the rest of the score.  We discovered that a sound, any sound, can often be at its most powerful when it is unobstructed by other tones. There is a certain beauty in allowing these found sounds to breathe on their own and not to over-produce the resulting score.”

From the gripping and contemporary, to the subtle and emotional, Michael Yezerski has displayed a unique voice in film music. Recent works include Peer Pedersen’s WE DON’T BELONG HERE and ONLY THE DEAD SEE THE END OF WAR, the searing documentary feature from Michael Ware and Bill Guttentag. Michael’s first feature film projects were the critically acclaimed THE BLACK BALLOON (dir. Elissa Down) and THE WAITING CITY (dir. Claire McCarthy); he wrote both score and songs for these films. Since then, Michael has written the scores for over fourteen feature films and has been nominated four times for Australia’s highest film honor – the AACTA award for Best Original Score.

For more information on the composer, see his web site:

– Via The Krakower Group, March 17, 2017.

March 10, 2017

Lakeshore Records To Release Soundtrack to Animated SF Feature NOVA SEED by Canadian composer Stephen Verrall – Available Digitally On March 24th

Beneath the surface of a toxic, dying world lives the evil Doctor Mindskull.  He has created the ultimate weapon, using the planet’s own power to destroy it.  Can mankind unite to find a way to stop this evil before it’s too late?  The answer lies within the Nova Seed.

Gorgon Pictures and House of Cool recently announced the March 28th North American release of Nick DiLiberto’s sci-fi fantasy adventure, NOVA SEED, the director’s feature film debut. Animated in 2D as a solo effort by DiLiberto, this film is the product of four years’ work and is comprised of 60,000 painstakingly hand-drawn frames.  DiLiberto’s, NOVA SEED has just completed a year-long run at festivals around the world including its world premiere at TAAFI in Toronto, a US premiere at Fantastic Fest, and the European premiere at 14th Carrefour du Cinéma d’Animation in Paris. NOVA SEED garnered a nomination for the coveted Satoshi Kon Award at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

Self-taught, multi-talented composer and instrumentalist, Canadian Stephen Verrall has brought over 25 yrs. of experience on his first feature film score for NOVA SEED.  With influences varying from The Beatles to Depeche Mode and an interest in creating his own unique sound, he’s released two solo albums in the Alternative genre.

March 1, 2017


WaterTower Music has announced the March 3 release of the soundtrack to KONG: SKULL ISLAND – the Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Tencent Pictures film that reimagines the origins of one the most powerful monster myths of all time. Directed by Jordan Vogt Roberts, the film will be released worldwide in 2D, 3D in select theatres, and IMAX beginning March 10, 2017.

Composer Henry Jackman (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS; CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER; CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR; the KICK-ASS FILMS) created the film’s lush symphonic score. His music highlights Kong’s emotional connection with some of the characters by giving specific moments in the score what he says is “a bit of humanity and sensitivity. The great thing about a monster movie is that it opens the door to use the symphony orchestra in its most sumptuous way,” Jackman continues. “(Director) Jordan Vogt-Roberts was happy to celebrate the gravity and history that comes with a full orchestra, but we also explored less traditional elements. That’s a field day for a composer.” 

In a nod to the film’s ‘70s period setting, Jackman infused the score with the bold, classic tones of the decade’s psychedelic guitars. 

The music, which serves to both heighten the film’s emotion and underscore the action, was one of the final creative elements to fall into place during post-production. It was the culmination of a massive undertaking that had taken the production to three continents. Throughout the process, everyone involved in the film was intent on being respectful of Kong’s history, even while crafting a next-generation iteration of the mythic beast. 

Listen to “The Island” from the Kong: Skull Island soundtrack on youtube:

The album is now available for preorder on iTunes and on CD. A vinyl version will be available on Waxwork Records.

March 1, 2017

STAR TREK VOYAGER COLLECTION: Limited edition 4-CD SET from La-La Land Records

_star_trek_voyager-lllcdLa-La Land Records and CBS proudly present STAR TREK VOYAGER COLLECTION, a stellar 4-CD presentation of score highlights from the acclaimed television series starring Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ and Jeri Ryan. Series composers Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, David Bell and Paul Baillargeon expand their remarkable work in the STAR TREK universe with thrilling and inventive music to such fan favorite episodes as RISE, THE VOID, BASICS parts I & II, LIFESIGNS, SCORPION parts I & II, and more!  

DISC 1 features music by Jay Chattaway, DISC 2 showcases Dennis McCarthy, DISC 3 highlights music by David Bell and Paul Baillargeon, and DISC 4 includes fan faves by Chattaway and McCarthy!  

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning, and Lukas Kendall, and edited and mastered by James Nelson, this special limited edition release of 3000 units includes a 36-Page booklet with exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond, author of The Music of STAR TREK. Art designer Mark Banning complements this mission with sharp, Federation-worthy packaging.

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February 27, 2017

Lakeshore Records to release LOGAN soundtrack digitally on March 3rd  – CD on March 31.

The album contains original music by Marco Beltrami (SCREAM, BEN-HUR, THE HURT LOCKER) who previously scored two films for director James Mangold, 3:10 TO YUMA, for which Beltrami earned an Academy Award® nomination, and THE WOLVERINE. “When I first watched LOGAN I was really impressed with its originality,” Beltrami stated.  “Although it’s a Marvel superhero movie, it is also many other movies as well, all tied up into a delicate balance of brazenness and subtlety. Jim is a master at moving fluently between genres and subverting them to present a new emotional landscape, and it was in trying to define this landscape in musical terms that I found my puzzle.”

In the near future, a weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.  “LOGAN was an extremely demanding but very inspiring film score to work on. Jim distilled the innovation of an indie within the framework of a tentpole,” Beltrami explained.  “He played me scores he liked and which inspired the tone of the film for him—Taxi Driver, Paper Moon (the film itself), The Gauntlet. He liked the directness and rough edges, the unpolished tone, the energy. Somehow I had to capture this while simultaneously creating a modern score. It did not need grandiose thematic music and verbose melodic statements. It was all about vibe.”

Current projects for Beltrami include scoring the hit Fox television show, LUCIFER, which recently got picked up for its third season.

February 22, 2017

Harry Manfredini’s TIMEMASTER soundtrack comes to CD

timemaster_cover-600Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through, presents the premiere soundtrack release of TIMEMASTER, featuring music composed by Harry Manfredini (FRIDAY THE 13TH, SWAMP THING, HOUSE, THE OMEGA CODE) for the 1995 family sci-fi adventure. TIMEMASTER is a time-travel adventure concerning an organization of aliens who send teams of “collectors” across space and time to gather other life forms which they will use as contestants or pawns in life-or-death virtual reality games; because the story visits many different eras of past and future, Manfredini had the chance to really stretch his sonic muscles and compose music for many different periods and genres. The booklet contains liner notes written by author Randall D. Larson featuring the participation of the composer.

For more information, and to order, see: 

Kritzerland Announces World Premiere Release of the Score to ‘50s Big-Bug Movie MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL

monster-from-green-hell-kritzerlandDirected by Kenneth Crane (WHEN HELL BROKE LOOSE, THE MANSTER), MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL was released in 1957 on a double bill with THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS. One of a spate of big bug pictures, this one has something to do with scientists sending small animals into space to see if the gamma rays produce mutations. Hint: They do.

For a film like MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL, one needs the perfect composer, and they got him: Albert Glasser, whose music graced some of the most beloved and classic low-budget films of the 1950s, including BEGINNING OF THE END AND EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, and many more. The music for MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL is classic Glasser: all blaring brass, screeching strings, and jagged rhythms, bombastically keeping the movie trudging along for all of its 73 endless minutes.

This release was prepared from Albert Glasser’s own tapes and our restoration expert, Chris Malone, has done a masterful job in making them sound as good as possible.

For more details and to check out some soundbytes, see kritzerland.  

Kronos Records announces premiere 2-CD OST for French horror fantasy, LIVID

Kronos Records is proud to present the the complete score of 2011 French horror film LIVIDE (aka “LIVID” in the US/UK) by famed directors  Alexandre Bustillo and raphael-gesqua-livid-ost-kronosJulien Maury. The suggestion that a big treasure is hidden somewhere inside Mrs Jessel’s once renowned classical dance academy will become a lure to a deadly trap for Lucie and her friends.  Raphaël Gesqua, who would work again with this duo of directors on Among The Living (also available from Kronos Records) provides an incredibly beautiful score for LIVIDE. 

This is the first time ever LIVIDE is released on CD format. Also included as bonus on this limited edition 2CD set are also alternate recordings and other goodies.

For more details or to pre-order, see:

ScreamWorks Records: Kiss the Devil in the Dark and Creatures of Whitechapel by Gerrit Wunder CD release

ScreamWorks Records opens up 2017 with the physical CD release of two inventive short film scores released digitally in the previous year.kissthedevilinthedark

KISS THE DEVIL IN THE DARK and CREATURES OF WHITECHAPEL are both the work composer Gerrit Wunder. Written and directed by Jonathan & Rebecca Martin, both  films are inventive fantasy/horror shorts with darkly Gothic scores steeped in rich symphonic themes. Director Jonathan Martin “has a very clear vision for his movies” explains the composer about how he approached the film. ”Regarding the score, his philosophy is that he wants to see the whole movie in front of his eyes when just listening to the music. That is why I compose wall to wall music for his films. It’s almost like an opera. Most characters have their themes and motives so you’ll be able to find a very Wagnerian leitmotif-technique approach in this score. In fact I think Jonathan would have preferred to hire Wagner himself, so he ended up with me, at least Wagner and I share the same mother tongue.” 

For more information on ScreamWorks Records and its parent label, MovieScoreMedia, see

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