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December 9, 2022

Anna Drubich’s Score for Horror Thriller BARBARIAN Released

Hollywood Records announces the release of the BARBARIAN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with music by Anna Drubich. The 16-track album is available today, December 9, on major digital platforms here.

In BARBARIAN, a young woman traveling to Detroit for a job interview books a rental home. But when she arrives late at night, she discovers that the house is double booked, and a strange man is already staying there. Against her better judgement, she decides to spend the evening, but soon discovers that there’s a lot more to fear than just an unexpected house guest. The film is written and directed by Zach Cregger and stars Bill Skarsgård, Georgina Campbell, and Justin Long.

The film is scored by composer Anna Drubich. She has frequently collaborated with film composer Marco Beltrami, writing an episode of the Danish television historical war drama series 1864 (2014), composing additional music and playing piano on EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE (2019), and co-writing the scores for SCARY STORIES IN THE DARK (2019) and FEAR STREET (2021). On her own she recently scored HYPNOSIS (2020), the horror comedy thriller WEREWOLVES WITHIN (2021; see my news bit here), and the drama thriller JANE (2022).

“The inspiration for the heart of the music — and the score’s fear — lay in its monstrous victim and leading lady ‘The Mother.’ From the film’s opening cue to a lullaby featured on a TV screen in Mother’s den, her presence was very much imbued in the movie’s music, down to her own lullaby.” –The Hollywood Reporter

The soundtrack is available here. Watch the trailer in our previous reporting, here.

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