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March 4, 2019

Composer Pinar Toprak on scoring CAPTAIN MARVEL’s story – from the Premiere’s Red Carpet

The composer of Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL, Pinar Toprak, discusses what it was like to make a recognizable theme for Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel during tonight’s Hollywood premiere. Watch below:

February 18, 2019

Interview: Umberto Gaudino Scores Brit Gangster Horror Movie POLTERHEIST


“Although POLTERHEIST is mainly a gangster movie, it is full of supernatural elements,” Guadino told Musique Fantastique. “So I wanted to musically emphasize it as much as possible, in a quasi-horror way. But I wanted to keep that in sharp contrast with the rest of the themes the film, even in a musical sense, underlining much the gangster element on one hand, and, because one of the two main characters is Pakistani working for a Pakistani mafia clan, including some Indian music elements on the other hand.

Read the full story here.

January 3, 2018

Frankenstein 1910: Donald Sosin’s Music for Restored Classics From the Silent Film Era (Interview)

_sosin ogle & veidt

…”A lot of these horror films also have this pathos in them, when you think about Lon Chaney at the organ in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and how sad he is that Christine doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, and Orlac who has this lovely wife who doesn’t know what to do with him and his paranoid fantasies of being persecuted by this guy who turns out to be a con artist. CALIGARI is another matter, of course, but there also is this love element, somewhat warped though it is. So all of these films have a mixture of true horror and maybe some romance or some more subdued emotional content that flows in and out. It sometimes depends on the period of the film; NOSFERATU takes place in the early 1800s in Germany and in Transylvania, so in that film I’m using music that might have been part of the soundscape in both of those countries and that time period…”

Read the full story here

December 16, 2018

Behind the Music – Interview with George Shaw: Scoring THE 716th [Amazon Prime sci-fi short] and ESCAPE THE NIGHT [quirky fantasy Youtube series]

The 716th OST“[In THE 716th] there were certainly a lot of heroic horn and trumpet fanfares, along with some classic major scales with flattened 6th notes that you often hear in science fiction films. For the more fantastical moments, I used lots of swirling string and wind writing, and the Durakian theme is based around low brass and a low synth pad.”

“[With ESCAPE THE NIGHT], each season has a different setting and time period; the first season is set in a 1920s mansion dinner party, the second in a Victorian era masquerade party, and the third in a 1970s carnival. What links them all together is the overall dark, supernatural fantasy of murder and mystery, but I get to play with the sound of each season based on the various settings. I especially had fun in the 3rd season where I got to experiment with suspense combined with disco elements and dark, twisted carnival waltzes.”

Read the full-length interview here.

November 29, 2018

Scoring Valve’s ARTIFACTAn Interview with composer/sound designer Tim Larkin

“The music style came from several places for this game. First off, it’s based in the world of Dota heroes. So again that became a departure point of sorts. Some of the initial palette was based off of the previous Dota score. However there’s lore in the Artifact story based on a type of vagabond, gypsy caravan feel that felt important to capitalize on. That’s where the idea of a Balkan choir came in. Exploring Eastern European music turned out to be quite interesting as well as fitting for this setting.”

Read the full interview here.

November 24, 2018

An Interview with John Paesano: Scoring THE MAZE RUNNER Saga

Maze runner OST banner

Read our in-depth interview here (also covers Paesano’s scores for SALVATION, THE PHOENIX INCIDENT, and DreamWorks’ DRAGONS: RIDERS OF BERK!).


Read our exclusive interview with the Sharknado composers here


Siren horizontal

  • New Interview: Michael A. Levine Scores SIREN

  • Herman stein b&wHerman Stein: The Greatest Composer No One’s Ever Heard Of (except us monster kids!)

via The Cheseler.com: an excellent tribute to Universal staff composer Herman Stein and maverick monster maestro, energized by a comprehensive interview with Monstrous Movie Music’s David Schecter. Read the article here

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