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This website was created partly to promote the book series, Musique Fantastique [Second Edition] 100+ Years of Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror Film Music by Randall D. Larson, but more importantly is intended to be a resource for news, views, & interviews about music for science fiction, fantasy, and horror films. As an extension of the books, it provides additional material and links to further resources about this unique genre of film and television scoring. For news on the book series, scroll down toward the bottom of this page.

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The Freakishly Effective Scare Scores of Cris Velasco:

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New Genre Soundtracks:

Genre Film Music News:

New Genre Soundtracks:

Genre Film Music News:

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New Genre Soundtracks:

New Syfy Series BLOOD DRIVE 

The Mummy’s Music

  • Brian Tyler Enters The Dark Universe : An Interview

Genre Film Music News:

New Genre Soundtracks:

The Music of Slumber Mountain Along the Moonbeam Trail

  • Terry Huud: Scoring the Stop-Motion Art of Illusion

Threatening Voices

James Newton Howard to Score new TOMB RAIDER film

Georges Delerue and the Sci-Fi & Fantasy film

  • Author’s Post,  March 20, 2017

Something About Monsters…

  • Henry Jackman on Scoring KONG: SKULL ISLAND

SOUND OF FEAR to Examine Horror Film Music Via Podcast

  • Crowdfunding Sought for Ongoing Series

Harry Manfredini’s TIMEMASTER soundtrack comes to CD

  • Premiere soundtrack release for the 1995 family sci-fi adventure.

Basil Kirchin: The Forgotten Genius of UK Music

  • A New Profile Posted at bbc.com

Tyler Bates, Genndy Tartakovsky, and Samurai Jack’s Conclusive Final Season

Albert Glasser at Large:

Kronos Records:

ScreamWorks Records:

  • Kiss the Devil in the Dark and Creatures of Whitechapel by Gerrit Wunder CD release

Silva Screen’s “The GAME OF THRONES Symphony” Album

  • Scheduled For Digital Release on Feb 24th

Ramin Djawadi Climbs THE GREAT WALL

  • Behind-The-Scenes Score Featurette & Soundtrack Info

    Recent News on Musique Fantastique 2nd edition:  

Midnight Marquee Press to Publish Continuation of “Musique Fantastique, Second Edition” series

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Original news announcements and press releases:

Announcing: Musique Fantastique, Second Edition
100+ Years of Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror Film Music
By Randall D. Larson
Creature Features Press: 2012

This thoroughly re-written and massively expanded new edition of Larson’s seminal 1985 book will be spread over a landscape of four large volumes, covering every aspect of music for fantastic films from the Silents through the Summer Blockbusters of 2011. Focusing on the composers whose work has enlivened the movies of monsters and madmen, fantastic lands and distant worlds, Larson analyzes fantasy, science fiction, and horror film music around the world, from A TRIP TO THE MOON in 1902 to TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON in 2011. Eschewing criticism for commentary, Larson incorporates interviews with hundreds of composers along with his own perceptive analytic commentary and the perspectives of a myriad of other reviewers, writers, and commentators, providing in Musique Fantastique, Second Edition a comprehensive historical overview of how music has been used in the fantastic genre.

Totaling 34 Chapters and more than 1700 pages, featuring a new introduction by film composer Christopher Young, Musique Fantastique, Second Edition offers a definitive historical context for the evolution and development of film music within science fiction, fantasy, and horror cinema.

Book One now available from Creature Features.
See: http://www.creaturefeatures.com/shop/books/musique-fantastique/

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Musique Fantastique, Second Edition
100+ Years of Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror Film Music
By Randall D. Larson
Music for science fiction, fantasy, and horror films has always been a particularly unique area of film scoring. Just as fantasy has allowed the minds of writ­ers and filmmakers to flow into new and unexplored regions, so has it allowed the imaginations of film composers to create much of the finest music composed for motion pictures. In 1985, Randall D. Larson’s Musique Fantastique was the first book-length analytical commentary of these genres of film music. In this new edition, Larson has thoroughly rewritten and expanded that book into a massive comprehensive examination of music for fantasy, sci-fi, and horror films and television, from the silents through the summer blockbusters of 2012. Intricately detailed and wide-ranging in its scope, Musique Fantastique 2 is presented in four books spanning some 1700 pages.I would like to thank Randall on behalf of the entire music community for his years of commitment to promoting film music and the film composers that write it. Most importantly, he has always done it entirely out of true love of music and what it can do in these kinds of films.  It’s been this passion for genre music that prompted [this] analysis and commentary.” – from the Introduction by Christopher Young.One Book – Four Volumes – Encyclopedic Commentary – Essential ReadingBOOK ONE Now Available from from Creature Features.