Composer Kevin Smithers visits MONSTER ISLAND

November 19, 2017

MonsterIsland_UK_QUAD-2-600x450Composer Kevin Smithers (WORLD WAR TOONS [VG]) has provided an entertainingly macabre musical score for Ánima Estudios animated fantasy film MONSTER ISLAND, which was released earlier this year in the UK and other territories; a US and Canadian release is forthcoming through Vision Films.

The family film follows a young boy who discovers he’s not entirely human, and heads to the titular Monster Island in search of his true identity.

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composer kevin smithers

MONSTER ISLAND needed a rich orchestral score very much in the genre style that animated movies have nowadays,” Smithers told Musique Fantastique. “It was important to me that every character had a voice in the music. This why I decided to write a very melodic score based out of character themes.”

Before having seen the film, Smithers began coming up with themes, enabling him to play them on piano and discuss them early in the project with piano for director Leopoldo Aguilar Guerrero.

“This way, I had strong melodic material to work with once I started scoring to picture,” said Smithers.. Lucas’ theme, which is first heard in the opening credits, is a very youthful melody. It’s full of energy and has a touch of adventure and excitement.

Norcutt’s theme on the other hand, is dark and ominous. It foreshadows what is to come and what he’s capable of doing.The monster policemen needed a fun and quirky theme to enhance their comedic relief in the film. Just like them, the island itself had its own theme and personality.”

Watch the film’s trailer below:

Watch a short clip from the film, courtesy of Flicking Myth, below:

For more information on the composer, see:

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