Forgotten Depths of Eldest Souls

June 3, 2022

Lakeshore Records Releases ELDEST SOULS: DEPTH OF THE FORGOTTEN—Original Game Soundtrack Music

Lakeshore Records has released a digital 3-track single of composer Sergio Ronchetti’s music for Depths of the Forgotten, a free major expansion for Eldest Souls, the critically-acclaimed action-RPG which introduces a new and perilous region, three new bosses, a selection of special weapons, and an all-new, obliterating ability.

London-based, Spanish & Italian composer and sound designer Sergio Ronchetti boldly crafts scores dwelling within realms of dusky depth, mercurial mood, and aggressive execution, drawing upon his background in heavy metal and combining his lyrical tastes with more traditional, orchestral compositional techniques for a truly singular signature style.

Rochetti’s debut score for the 2021 pixel-art, boss-rush, “Souls-like” video game Eldest Souls captures the lonely and desolate melancholy of the game world while also providing vigorous, combative battle music matching the intensity of the challenging gameplay and capturing the personality and essence of each iconic boss fight. He cites artists like Trivium, Machine Head, and Gojira as direct references to his Eldest Souls score – even if his instrumentations are far removed from theirs.

The album track list:

01. Shadow and Steel

02. The Rejected Daughter

03. Weight of the Crown

Listen or purchase the single here.  

The free expansion for Eldest Souls Depths of the Forgotten is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Check out the trailer below to see what to expect with the Depths of the Forgotten expansion, which brings a new region, three new bosses, a selection of special weapons, and a new obliterating ability to the action-RPG:

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