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March 25, 2023


Composer Reber Clark has scored the independent Lovecraftian horror thriller THE INNSMOUTH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS from indie director Joshua Kennedy (COWGIRLS VS. PTERODACTYLS, THE FUNGUS AMONG US, HOUSE OF GORGON, THE NIGHT OF MEDUSA, etc.). Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s immortal tale “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and filmed entirely in South Texas, Joshua Kennedy’s THE INNSMOUTH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS is a fun fearsome fungi fest sure to bring viewers chills, chuckles…and perhaps a few screams.

The film follows young student Roberta Olmstead as she arrives in the mysterious and desolate seaside town of Innsmouth. Smelling of rotting fish and enshrouded by a constant fog, Roberta quickly notes that the place does not provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Her fellow students also seem to pay no attention to the strangely disfigured staff, the unnerving music from the town’s crumbling church, or the unnatural sounds and whispers emanating from supposedly empty houses nearby. Roberta and her friends soon begin to uncover the horrendous secret of the town… 

A Gooey Film from Joshua Kennedy, the film is now showing on Amazon Prime and will be available on DVD-R on April 18, 2023. See Oldies.com.

Clark’s score is available now on digital and CD from bandcamp, here.

(See my review of Clark’s score Kennedy’s for COWGIRLS VS. PTERODACTYLS in my January-February 2021 Soundtrax column, here)

Watch the film’s trailer:

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