Swedish Witch Horror

November 8, 2022

MovieScore Media Releases Swedish Horror Score to FEED by Oscar Fogelström

FEED is a 2022 horror feature film directed by Johannes Persson, starring Sofia Kappel, Joel Lützow and Molly Nutley, produced by Scandinavian Content Group and released by Nordisk Film (Sweden). It’s about a group of social media experts are hired to help an old family business to strive. But they soon find themselves stuck on a tiny island in a lake in which an ancient Swedish witch is said to live. The film was released in Sweden on October 28th.

Composer Oscar Fogelström has been scoring movies and TV shows for the past 20 years, and is noted for composing THE HYPNOTIST (Sweden’s entry for the 2013 Academy Awards 2013) as well as films directed by Yam Laranas, including AURORA (2018), NIGHTSHIFT (2019), DEATH OF A GIRLFRIEND (2021), GREED (2022) and ROOFTOP (2022).

“FEED was a fun film to score,” the composer told MovieScore Media. “Since the schedule was super tight, I had to start scoring early on, then the editors temped the film with the suites I provided. Then it was business as usual as I re-worked the cues. The score contains two prominent themes: for the main theme I wanted a melody that could be used in both positive and darker sequences; Märit’s theme represents the mythical witch who is haunting the island. It’s basically an antagonist theme, but it also appears in a few other situations in the film. The instrumentation is organic/electronic where the organic instruments are nyckelharpa and other traditional Swedish instruments with live percussion by Jesper Skarin. Since the witch wears a mask with a bell, we had Jesper do a lot of metallic sounds, including bowed cymbals and different bells. There are also quite a lot of vocal elements in the score with whispers and reversed vocal performances symbolizing the witch. I call this Electronic Folklore.”

The digital soundtrack is available from MovieScore Media and other digital music sources.

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