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January 10, 2023

Blanck Mass Scores Scottish Horror Film THE RIG – Now Showing on Amazon Prime

THE RIG is a supernatural thriller television series created by David Macpherson for Amazon Prime Video. Directed by John Strickland, the series is the first Amazon Original to be filmed entirely in Scotland. Summary: When the crew of the North Sea stationed Kinloch Bravo oil rig is due to return to the mainland, a mysterious fog rolls in and cuts off communication with the outside world. The crew will be driven to the limits of their endurance and loyalties and will be forced into a confrontation with forces that are beyond their imagination. The series stars Iain Glen, Emily Hampshire, Martin Compston, Mark Bonnar, and features music by Blanck Mass, which is a British electronic solo project by Ivor Novello Award-winning composer Benjamin J Power.

Talking about THE RIG for the Northern Transmissions website, Power explained: “With THE RIG being the first TV show I have scored, I feel lucky to have worked with the team behind the show on a score which to my mind is my most concise and unified palette-wise in recent memory.” Power added, “The setting of the physical oil rig presented a very specific visual and sonic identity for me. The creaks and groans of the giant metal sculpture and how it is in a constant battle with the nature fed itself into the scoring process. This score is perhaps my most elemental to date and it was a joy to work on.”

Blank Mass, whose recent scores have included CALM WITH HORSES (2021), TED K (2022) and GAZZA (2022), has imbued the music for the series with a claustrophobic sense of unfolding horror, at times the electronic score feels like it’s being performed on THE RIG, with clanging percussion driving the tension.

The television series was released to Amazon Prime in the US on 6 January 2023, and consists of six episodes.

A digital soundtrack of the Blanck Mass score has been released by Invada Records on January 6th, which is available at the usual sources: Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify. A vinyl edition is reported to be due out in spring 2023.

– via filmmusicreporter and other sources. See more information on Blanck Mass here.

Watch THE RIG’s trailer:

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