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October 21, 2022


Lakeshore Records has released GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES – Soundtrack From The Netflix Series featuring music by the ten composers who created the score to each episode directed by a different filmmaker, appearing in the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s four-day horror anthology miniseries event that begins on Netflix October 25. 

Christopher Young: “Oh how bloody blessed I am to have been brought back once again to collaborate with the great director, David Prior, and the spectacular producer/director Guillermo Del Toro. Like it was the last time I worked with David, he gave me permission to do something strange musically. And strange it is! Thank you to Colleen, Rosie and all the wonderful music crew at Netflix!”

In CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, acclaimed Academy Award-winning filmmaker and creator, executive producer, and co-showrunner Guillermo del Toro has curated a collection of eight unprecedented and genre-defining stories meant to challenge the traditional notions of horror. From macabre to magical, gothic to grotesque or classically creepy, these eight equally sophisticated and sinister tales (including two original stories by del Toro) are brought to life by a team of writers and directors personally chosen by del Toro.

Holly Amber Church: “For the Cabinet of Curiosities Main Title, I really wanted the music to feel both beautiful and dark at the same time as I felt that would really encapsulate the overall themes and ideas behind the show and best match the stunning visuals of the main title sequence.  It had to be haunting, exciting and most importantly, I wanted it to have a strong melodic theme which is played back and forth between dueling violin solos. The violin solos soar to give it a majestic, classical feel while the rest of the orchestra plays aggressively behind them to rattle your bones!”

Track List:

01. Cabinet of Curiosities Main Title – Holly Amber Church

02. Cabinet of Curiosities Prologue – Holly Amber Church

03. Surveillance Video   – Tim Davies

04. The Fourth Volume – Tim Davies

05. Looking for the Book – Tim Davies

06. Finding Dotty – Tim Davies

07. The Black Church – Jeff Danna

08. The Name Is Masson – Jeff Danna

09. The Ascent To Hell – Jeff Danna

10. The Queen Rat – Jeff Danna

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Michael Yezerski: “Two visionaries – Keith Thomas and Guillermo Del Toro – have created the most wonderful and terrifying world in Pickman’s Model. It’s a universe that calls for musical creativity and innovation framed by deep emotion. The score for Pickman’s Model references early Twentieth Century modalities before devolving into chaos and noise. Live strings and piano, from a place of convention and “prettiness”, are combined with electrical noise and processed through all kinds of nasty effects. This is my second collaboration with Keith (after The Vigil) and I’ve always felt that we speak the same language in terms of music and story. I think we just get each other’s work.”

11. The Autopsy – Christopher Young

12. The Transferable Alien Thing – Christopher Young

13. Horror Within You, Horror Within Me – Christopher Young

14. Nine To Five – Daniele Luppi

15. First Scratch – Daniele Luppi

16. The Lotion Lady – Daniele Luppi

17. In The Bathtub – Daniele Luppi

18. Thurber 1909 – Michael Yezerski

19. Fifteen Minutes and Rotting Flesh – Michael Yezerski

20. Dreams of Horror and Wonder – Michael Yezerski

21. Late for Tea – Michael Yezerski

22. The Feast Part 1 and Changing Times – Michael Yezerski

23. My Work – Michael Yezerski

24. The Feast Part 2 – Michael Yezerski

(tracklist continues below)

Daniele Luppi: “Ana Lily is a natural born music producer. We spoke at length about creating a classic noir orchestral score but when she suggested adding some baroque vocals on top of that it just blew my mind…was it even possible?? I once again ended up studying a myriad of 4-part Bach chorales to see if this musical hybrid could work and when we finally put everything together against the visuals it was such a wonderful creative experience!”

25. Epperley – Anne Chmelewsky

26. Frank Arrives – Anne Chmelewsky

27. Get Out of My Church – Anne Chmelewsky

28. Metamorphosis – Anne Chmelewsky

29. The Den – Anne Chmelewsky

30. The Viewing Suite    – Daniel Lopatin

31. Arrival – Jed Kurzel

32. Murmuring – Jed Kurzel

33. Scream – Jed Kurzel

34. Vanishing – Jed Kurzel

35. Mal Hombre – Gaby Moreno

Tim Davies: “It was important to me that the sonic texture for this episode would heighten the sense of suspense and unease as the mystery deepened, but also feel related to the elements of the story. This scene is the first time the main character encounters the mystery of the abandoned storage locker, and so I wanted musical elements that could capture the sense of age and disuse of the items within. A rickety old piano that’s fallen badly out of tune is the focus, but there are also other elements, like the static distortion of an old record player, which I used as a percussive element to generate tense motion. The main character’s tinnitus was also inspiration for a high, solitary tone near the track’s end. This is all arrayed over a pulsing combination of lower elements to leave viewers unsettled and wanting to know more.”

Stream/Purchase the CABINET OF CURIOSITIES soundtrack at these links.

Anne Chmelewsky: For the Soundtrack to Dreams in the Witch House, director Catherine Hardwicke and I discussed ways we could use unusual soundscapes to evoke the presence of the witch, her house and Jenkins. I wanted those sounds to be as organic as possible, and used a baroque viola and a bass flute to create a series of tones that I sampled and manipulated to create the world of the episode. I recorded hours of noises and extended techniques with a baroque violist – the baroque viola has a deep rich tone with at times a guttural quality, and it’s the instrument that would have been played at the time of the witch’s life. I also wanted to give the witch a voice, and for this I worked with a flutist who recorded extended techniques on a bass flute. Those gave an additional almost vocal life element almost as if the witches lungs strengthened over the course of the film. I cut up and sampled every sound, and organized them into a musical system of their own, making scales and harmonies out of these new sounds, and immersing myself in the new musical language they formed. The soundtrack is composed almost entirely from samples of those two instruments aside from the occasional addition of orchestral tones and traditional harmonies in the scenes which are anchored in the ‘real’ world.

Watch the age-restricted final trailer video to GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES on YouTube here

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