See-Hulk She-Hulk Say That Five Time Fast

October 21, 2022

Amie Doherty’s Score for SHE-HULK Episodes 5-9 Now Available

Disney Music Group has released the SHE-HULK Soundtrack Episodes 5-9 featuring the music from the Season’s final four episodes, composed by Amie Doherty.

In an interview with Jon Burlingame at Variety, Doherty spoke up about scoring SHE-HULK: “The challenge, she says, was finding a central theme that she could apply to both sides of the character, along with creating music for the ‘really quirky characters’ who are her clients. It’s fun to get to dabble in that established Marvel sound while trying to bring something new and fresh and fun.” Doherty says she doesn’t play the comedy: “It doesn’t need any help from the music, comedically. It’s all there on the screen; the music is just supporting.” It’s being performed by a 65-piece orchestra in Vienna, although she also describes the score as “hybrid” for its many synth and band elements “to give it that modern touch.”

The Episode 5-9 digital soundtrack album for SHE-HULK is available now from these links. The Episode 1-4 soundtrack was released on September 16 – read details from our coverage here.

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