“I Am Dauntless”

September 23, 2022

Cris Velasco’s Score to Video Game Dauntless Vol. 3 Released

Players Sent Recordings of Themselves Doing Chants to be Incorporated Into the New Theme

Phoenix Labs has announced the release of Dauntless, Vol. 3 (Original Game Soundtrack) with music by composer Cris Velasco.

As a Slayer in Dauntless, you are all that stands between your world and the Behemoths that seek to devour it. Dauntless is a free-to-play massively multiplayer action RPG in which players team up to take down fearsome monsters called Behemoths. Players can explore the furthest reaches of the mysterious Shattered Isles as they hunt increasingly dangerous foes and discover more powerful weaponry, all while forging their own legend as a Slayer of Ramsgate. 

The long-awaited third volume of the Dauntless video game soundtrack is available now on major digital platforms. The Dauntless community became a part of the soundtrack by sending recordings of themselves doing chants, which Velasco incorporated into the new Main Theme “I Am Dauntless.” Take a look behind the process: “We wanted the theme to be highly melodic and memorable. With over 30 million players worldwide, it was also a great chance to use the Dauntless community as an element. We asked them to lend their literal voices into the recording of the new Main Theme. It was so much fun to see the excitement and passion in all the submissions. Everyone that sang the new chant is included in the recording. This is now the new sound of Dauntless,” said Velasco. From the first note, Velasco aspired to have the music reflect the culture and civilization of the Shattered Isles: homemade instruments with wood and metal tones; jocular music filling the streets of Ramsgate; alluring, subtle tones drawing you in to explore a new island, all of it culminating into the high energy and booming beats of heroic Behemoth battles. “As Dauntless is a growing and evolving game, you’ll hear the addition of world percussion, gamelan, pipe organs, Bulgarian choirs, and even synths,” Velasco said. “We recorded a 100-piece orchestra and choir and just went full-on action-adventure with it, maintaining the old melody but using it in different ways that just really bring a sense of excitement into it. The goal is to pump you up before you go out to hunt.”

The Dauntless soundtrack is available digitally from Apple Music and Spotify

Take a look behind the process of creating the new Main Theme “I Am Dauntless:” and, below that, listen to the final theme.

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