LLL November Soundtrack Countdown

November 24, 2022

La-La Land Record’s Final Five 2022 Releases – Includes Two Expanded Genre Soundtracks

La-La Land Records has announced its Final Five CDs for 2022, including two notable genre albums: a 20th Anniversary soundtrack of 2002’s SPIDER-MAN with a remastered and expanded 3-CD deluxe presentation of renowned composer Danny Elfman’s original score. Teeming with thematic motifs that expertly swing from kinetic and soaring action to heartfelt drama and romance, Elfman’s SPIDER-MAN score is an orchestral knockout and a notable work in the composer’s acclaimed canon. Finally, this 3-CD presentation showcases the score in all its glory, remastered and expanded with a bounty of previously unreleased material!

And there is a remastered and expanded CD re-issue of legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith’s original motion picture score to the 1989 big screen cult comedy THE ‘BURBS. Continuing an exciting collaboration with filmmaker Joe Dante, Goldsmith unleashed another wildly creative and notable score for the director’s hilarious, knowing suburban romp. The composer expertly balances the film’s rambunctious comedy, dark satire, suspense, action – and its heart too – with a bold orchestral work that sounds better than ever in this remastered and expanded presentation.

The other three releases include remastered and expanded versions of John Williams AMISTAD (1997), David Arnold’s debut score in the James Bond/007 series, TOMORROW NEVER DIES (1997), and a 50th Anniversary release of Nino Rota’s iconic score for THE GODFATHER (1972).

All the albums will be available to order from La-La Land Records starting Nov. 29 2022 at 12 Noon PST.

Watch (& listen to) the label’s November End-Of-Year CD announcement video here.

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