FRIDAY THE 13th Suite Premieres

August 27, 2020

MIT Orchestra Performs Harry Manfredini’s FRIDAY THE 13TH Suite

A marvelous and creepy performance: The MIT Sounding concert MITSO MOVIES MACHOVER is the MIT Symphony Orchestra’s tribute to the art of film music, from classic Hollywood soundtracks to new works. This performance is the US premiere of Harry Manfredini’s FRIDAY THE 13TH Suite, a revamped score for the famed horror film now celebrating its fortieth anniversary.

The virtual concert on July 11, 2020 was originally scheduled to be performed in MIT Kresge Auditorium as part of the MIT Sounding series under the title MITSO MOVIES MACHOVER, on March 13, 2020, i.e, the date MIT closed its campus in response to the COVID-19 crisis. That decision having come only a few days earlier, and with the students rushing to pack their things and make travel arrangements, the members of the orchestra chose to use what would have been their final rehearsal to video record the program in the empty auditorium.

Watch the concert performance now on Youtube.

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