October 27, 2021

Woodmoon Collective Joins Claudio Simonetti for Haunting Halloween Single

With the participation of renowned horror film composer Claudio Simonetti (keyboardist for Goblin, composer for Dario Argento and many others), the Woodmoon collective has released a new charity single in the week leading up to Halloween, now available on digital stores and Bandcamp. The Woodmoon Project is a collective of musicians led by Kristian Sensini and Jan Mozzorecchia, who have collaborated over the years with National Geographic, PBS, Verizon, Fox, Felt Music, Mediaset and Rai to create soundtracks for cinema and television. The project has also involved Matteo Ciminari on theremin, Marco Mattei on drums, and Roberto Di Rosa on bass.

“Halloween Came First” is a classic rock tune playfully mocking the stereotypes of one of the most beloved and controversial folklore traditions. Now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and bandcamp, the single will later be released as a limited edition 7″ with splatter coloring. For more information about Woodmoon, and to pre-order the single (to be shipped in January), see this link.

All musicians have decided to donate to the Emergency, a humanitarian NGO that provides free medical treatment to the victims of war, poverty, and landmines, founded in 1994 and based in Milan, Italy. Woodmoon will donate the proceeds from the sale of both physical and digital copies, including all royalties deriving from licensing and streaming, to Emergency NGO.

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