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November 20, 2020

CineConcerts Launches New Online Concert Series + Digital Distribution Ecosystem

CineConcerts, leading global producer of live music experiences including The Harry Potter™ Film Concert series, The Polar Express™ in Concert, Gladiator Live, and The Godfather Live announce The Pinball Concerts, a new online concert series premiering this weekend (Nov 20-22) exclusively through Facebook’s paid events for $4.99. The concert, called Highballs & Brass, Part 1 features 14 Los Angeles-based renowned brass players with highballs, interviews, rehearsal footage, arcade games, and more. The show will exhibit two original pieces composed by CineConcerts President and Producer, Justin Freer – “52nd Street Chorale” and “The Pinball Launch.” CineConcerts was able to record, perform, and produce this entire concert in their offices in Burbank, utilizing strict public health guidelines including testing for everyone involved. A complete listing of times and ticketing links can be found on their website or Facebook page.

The company, known for its global presence of film concerts worldwide, pivoted quickly into the digital space after the pandemic hit by also creating CineConcerts +Plus (CC+) – an online digital ecosystem that allows anyone to watch their content online through the web, or app of choice.

CC+ contains their freemium content including podcasts (Film Music Focus, Film Music Fridays), with some new material including Score Cue Snapshots, with other media focused on their film concert IP. They plan on releasing more content for rent in the upcoming months, including expanding on The Pinball Concert Series. The website is live now, with the apps hitting the app store(s) within a week or two. It is free to sign up, with Highballs & Brass, Part 1 landing on the platform after it premiers this weekend on Facebook.

Premiere tickets available now through their website

Watch the “Highball & Brass” Trailer on Vimeo here

CineConcerts is one of the leading producers of live music experiences performed with visual media, and is continuously redefining live entertainment. Founded by Producer/Conductor Justin Freer and Producer/Writer Brady Beaubien, CineConcerts has engaged over 2.8 million people worldwide in concert presentations in over 1,680 performances in 48 countries. Recent and current live concert experiences include Rudy in Concert, The Harry Potter Film Concert Series, Gladiator Live, The Godfather Live, It’s a Wonderful Life in Concert, DreamWorks Animation in Concert, Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage 50th Anniversary Concert Tour, Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Concert, and A Christmas Dream Live.

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