July 5, 2019

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein interview on STRANGER THINGS S3 at MixMag

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– Randall D. Larson

“Finding a perfect sweet spot between ’80s nostalgia and modern, spectral synth work, Dixon and Stein’s score for STRANGER THINGS has played an integral role in the show’s popularity,” writes Cameron Holbrook of the MixMag website, further noting that the theme song has been subject to countless YouTube covers and had been rapped and remixed by numerous prominent artists.

This is the introduction to MixMag’s interview with STRANGER THINGS series composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who explain how this season’s score is different than the previous two, what was the selection process behind which cues belonged on the STRANGER THINGS 3 album, and more.

“There’s quite a bit more action in this season,” said Dixon. “Even the stuff that was our action music for last year was pretty brooding and sort of slow compared to some of the stuff that we have for season three.”

Added Stein: “I also think it we put more care into the type of instrumentation we used. Last season felt like it was just packed with full atmospheric stuff and a little bit of movement on it while this year there are more individual kinds of percussion or drums or sounds that feel like they drive the scenes a little more.”

Read the full interview at MixMag.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

-via Lakeshore’s Film Music Daily.

Listen to the track “Starcourt” from the Season 3 soundtrack album, via youtube:



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