White Bear’s SF Movie Music Chat on YouTube

May 20, 2020

White Bear PR Videos: Pinar Toprak & STARGIRL, WonderCon@Home SciFi Movie Music Panel

WhiteBear PR Film Music ChatsIn the latest Composer Talk from White Bear PR, publicist Chandler Poling chats with composer Pinar Toprak about scoring the recently debuted STARGIRL, about writing music for The DC Universe, composing music for HBO documentary the McMillions, and how she balances motherhood & her career. Watch the 20-minute discussion on YouTube here.

In addition, Chandler has also posted an online panel discussion with Toprak, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, and Kevin Kiner, discussing “The Music of Captain Marvel, Stranger Things, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars” as part of WonderCon@Home 2020, posted here.

For more information about White Bear PR, see http://whitebearpr.com/

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