Death Race 2000 Meets Frankenstein At Raven’s Gate Leveling Off At 60,000 Feet

May 17, 2020

New SF & Horror Soundtracks Announced by Dragon’s Domain, from the original DEATH RACE 2000 to TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and More

DDR 4 new SF-horror OSTsDragon’s Domain Records has announced four new releases this week, starting with their fourth volume of film music from Paul Chihara (PRINCE OF THE CITY), which features three of Chihara’s unreleased film scores. DEATH RACE 2000 is the exciting premiere release, for the 1975 thriller directed by Paul Bartel and produced by Roger Corman. The movie launched Chihara’s double career in film scoring while he continued to be a respected composer of classical concert music. The music for DEATH RACE 2000 was a combination of analog electronic music (Chihara helped create the first analog electronic music studio at UCLA prior to soring this film) and a small classical music ensemble. His original score tracks have been lost to time, so Chihara has recreated the score quite authentically for this CD release, using an identical same ensemble to the one had for the original, from the analog synths to the handlful of live players. In addition to the DEATH RACE 2000 score, the collection includes two action thriller scores from the mid-1980s, Louis Malle’s CRACKERS and Amos Kollek’s FOREVER, LULU. 

Also announced is the soundtrack to Don Glut’s 2018 anthology horror film, TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, composed by William Stromberg. The film celebrates the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s publication of Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus in 1818 with four humorously horrifying storylines about maniacal mad scientists related to or following in the footsteps of the infamous Victor Frankenstein in stitching together new life out of carefully-acquired body parts. Best known as an orchestrator and conductor, Stromberg has been involved for many years in the restoration and recording of dozens of vintage monster movie scores from film music’s golden age of the 1930s and ‘40s, many in collaboration with reconstructionist John Morgan. In this score, Stromberg provides a score in the classic monster mold, with plenty of sonic Easter eggs as he includes nods to many classic horror film motifs of the ‘30s and ‘40s, using his skill with large orchestras to create an authentically-symphonic soundtrack via the latest digital means.

Two cult Australian science fiction films produced by Antony I. Ginnane from the late 1980’s era of Australian cinema make up the label’s third offering: INCIDENT AT RAVEN’S GATE (aka ENCOUNTER AT RAVEN’S GATE) , featuring music composed by Graham Tardif, along with THE TIME GUARDIAN, featuring music composed by Allan Zavod, the album includes previously unreleased music.

And, the latest score from veteran horror scorer Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, GHOST WARRIOR) has also been released. EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET is a 2019 horror comedy about a priest and a rabbi who find themselves booked on the same flight from when things take a demonic turn as a pandemic of infernal possessions breaks out. Band gives the low-budget film a first-class soundtrack.

All four of these albums have been released in limited editions of 500 copies on CD, and also digitally, and are expected to begin shipping the week of May 25th, 2020 . See details at

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