March 5, 2020

Silva Screen Records Presents Doctor Who Series 12 Original Television Soundtrack – Coming in April

DOCTOR WHO returned on New Year’s Day 2020 with a thrilling new series full of scares and surprises. The series 12 soundtrack is now available to pre-order from Silva Screen Records. This two-volume collection showcases new themes for the Master and the Cyberman and celebrates the epic, action-packed storytelling in the latest season of the revived series.

DOCTOR WHO S12 OSTBuilding on the character themes and dramatic musical landscapes created for Jodie Whittaker’s first series as the Thirteenth Doctor, composer Segun Akinola has created a mesmerizing and diverse collection of scores for the new adventures.

“From the experimental sounds of ‘Orphan 55’ to the emotional rollercoaster of ‘The Timeless Children,’ it’s been a complete joy working on the music for Series 12 and I hope that whilst listening to this album, fans can relive all their favorite moments.”

Showrunner Chris Chibnall commented: “Segun’s music is a key component of the Thirteenth Doctor’s era—his extraordinarily eclectic, bold and emotional scores for the series are part of Doctor Who’s identity. From lush orchestral spy movie arrangements to experimental soundscapes, this collection showcases the range, ambition, precision and brilliance of Segun as a composer—and demonstrates how lucky Doctor Who is to have a composer of Segun’s caliber providing dynamic and fresh new scores every episode.”

The Series 12 soundtrack will be available 3 April 2020. Pre-order all formats here.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the music from Series 12 via YouTube:


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