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May 1, 2019

ANTHEM Video Game Composer Sarah Schachner Talks Composing for Video Games and Performing Live at The Game Awards

“But it’s more than just the appearance of Anthem’s world that makes it so compelling. It has a palpable atmosphere that really draws you into the mystery of its sci-fi meets fantasy aesthetic, and for me, that’s in no small part due to a superb musical score.” – Alex Gibson, Twinfinite

ANTHEM game ostAs an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and modular synth artist/programmer, critically-acclaimed composer Sarah Schachner who many know from her CALL OF DUTY and ASSASSIN’S CREED game scores spoke to Twinfinite about her ANTHEM video game score (out now on Lakeshore Records and EA Games), one of the most exciting game music releases of the year. Even if you haven’t played the multi-player role playing game developed by game titans BioWare and Electronic Arts (EA), just know the music has been praised by critics for its cinematic, world-building composition, right in that sweet spot for film music fans.

Sarah Schachner

Composer Sarah Schachner

“I came on board at the end of 2017,” Sarah told Twinfinite’s Senior Editor Alex Gibson. “The developers typically give a lot of general inspiration materials at the beginning, like artwork, descriptive information about the world, and any rough gameplay captures if available. The music gets written as the game is getting made so there are a lot of moving parts, especially with a new IP which requires some flexibility during the composing process. While every detail of the story or characters may not always be known, the style of the world and big picture goals are clear so if you get the overall emotion and vibe right, it’s going to work despite small adjustments along the way.”

Read the full interview at Twinfinite here.

– via Lakeshore Record’s Film Music Daily news brief.

Watch Sarah performing one of ANTHEM’s tracks featuring a synthetic modulator at The Game Awards:


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