Abyzou A Deadly Demon

May 20, 2021

Christopher Young to Score ABYZOU

ABYZOU, based on a demonic Kabbalistic legend of the same name, is directed by Oliver Park, written by Hank Hoffman from a story by Hoffman and Jonathan Yunger, and stars Paul Kaye, Nick Blood, Allan Corduner, and Emm Wiseman. Set in the Hasidic world, a family struggling with unresolved trauma finds themselves at the mercy of an ancient demon bent on destroying them from the inside. Tapping into Jewish demonology, ABYZOU is a harrowing drama with an exciting twist on classic horror conventions. Just the right kind of thing for the composer of HELLRAISER, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET II, URBAN LEGEND, DRAG ME TO HELL, SINISTER, GHOST RIDER, and THE GRUDGE!

“When we think of great composers in horror, there are very few names on the list, but one name that will always command that space is Christopher Young,” director Oliver Park was quoted in an article at bloodydisgusting.com. “I’ve been a fan of Chris since I was too young to know who he was! I was obsessed with horror films, and one of the first films I ever watched was HELLRAISER. I developed a keen interest in sound as it truly is what makes horror great, and I would often listen to Christopher Young soundtracks while reading horror novels. ABYZOU was set to be scary before, but now he’s involved, even I’m afraid!”

Christopher Young – IMDB Photo

“I’m honored to be joining the remarkably talented director and my friend, Oliver Park, on a musical journey that will unleash to the world new horrifying musical soundscapes,” Young said in a Facebook post earlier today. “I’m excited to be working on his new film, ABYZOU, and glad to be working with my new friends at Millennium Media. And thank you to Alexander Vangelos and Sabrina Hutchinson at First Artist Management & Peter Hackman at Bohemia Group.”

ABYZOU recently wrapped production at Millennium’s Nu Boyana Studios; a release date of October 21st has been reported for The Netherlands; but a US release date has not yet been set.

– via Bloody Disgusting, Millennium Media, and other sources.

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