Alan Silvestri Scoring Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE

December 9, 2017

Spielberg completing film of Ernest Cline science fiction novel

 Steven Spielberg is in post-production on his science fiction film READY PLAYER ONE, based on Ernest Cline’s acclaimed novel of the same name (Cline co-scripted the picture with Zak Penn [X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, story for THE AVENGERS, creator of SyFy’s ALPHAS).


Poster © Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film is currently in post-production, with Industrial Light & Magic handling special effects work. In an article on IndieWire about Spielberg’s latest film, THE POST, writer Anne Thompson quoted Spielberg as having remarking, referring to READY PLAYER ONE, “This is the most difficult movie I’ve done since SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.” 

In an article published in Variety on July 7, 2017, writer Jon Burlingame reported that John Williams (who had been assigned to score the film) had left to score Spielberg’s THE POST instead, and that Alan Silvestri (THE AVENGERS: INFINTY WAR, THE AVENGERS, CONTACT, BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy), would take over scoring of READY PLAYER ONE. The film’s preview poster has just been released – with Silvestri’s name first in the film credits.

While Spielberg has been a producer on several films scored by the composer, this will be the first Spielberg-directed feature film that Silvestri has scored.

The story, set in a dystopian 2044, follows protagonist Wade Watts on his search for an Easter egg in a virtual reality game, the discovery of which will lead him to inherit a fortune in a world wrecked by an energy crisis. Warner Bros plans to release the film on March 30, 2018.


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