September 23, 2020

Frederik Wiedmann has Scored OCCUPATION: RAINFALL

The French Horn section at one of the scoring sessions for OCCUPATION: RAINFALL at AIR Studios in London (Note the adherence to social distancing) – via Frederik Wiedmann

Frederik Wiedmann (THE DRAGON PRINCE, GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, numerous DC Animated movies) has scored the upcoming sci-fi sequel OCCUPATION: RAINFALL. The film is a follow-up to 2018’s original acclaimed Australian alien invasion film OCCUPATION, directed by Luke Sparke who also helms the sequel. The new movie takes place two years after the original film’s invasion of Earth by extra-terrestrials, with a group of survivors in Sydney fighting back in a desperate ground war. Wiedmann is optimistic that a soundtrack album of his OCCUPATION: RAINFALL score will be forthcoming when the movie is released later this year or early next.

Read a fascinating and detailed article about both movies at the gique/media website.

Watch the trailer for OCCUPATION: RAINFALL below:

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