Balmy Zombie Tsunami

August 16, 2019

Ride the Wild Dead Surf with Ridenhour, Cano, & Perkins as ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE Premieres Tomorrow

– Randall D. Larson

On Saturday, August 16th at 9PM SyFy premieres the latest horror-saster saga from Anthony Ferrante, director of all those SHARKNADO movies, with a repeat performance scheduled on Sunday at 9. Starring Ian Ziering (all those SHARKADOs), Erich Chikashi Linzbichler, and Shelton Jolivette, the movie is about a fisherman (Ziering) who contends with an ocean-borne outbreak of the soggy living dead that threatens his seaside island community. It all starts when zombies emerge from a crack within the earth’s crust deep on the ocean floor; from this shifting tectonic plate comes an enormous tidal wave and an accompanying swarm of mindless, blood-thirsty zombies, and it all ends, when… well, we’re not sure.

Expected to be as fun, funny, and affectionately ridiculous as the SHARKNADO series, these guilty treasures ought to continue to find their grinning audiences in the latest mash-up of weather disaster and horror tropes.

An original musical score from Chris Ridenhour, Christopher Cano (composers of most of the  SHARKNADO movies and most of the Asylum’s plethora of mockumentaries, weather disaster films, and multi-headed shark attack movies) and their new collaborator Craig Anthony Perkins, is sure to keep the action rolling in as they play straight-man to ZTW’s Ziering, Ferrante,  and writing team of Darby Parker & Josh LeBlanc, whose screenplay is based on a story by Ian Ziering & SHARKNADO 1-5’s writer Thunder Levin.

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Watch the ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE trailer:

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