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May 29, 2020

TERMINATOR Composer to Release New Musical

PrintWhen plans for this spring fell apart including a trip to London for the premier of his iconic TERMINATOR score to be played live at the Royal Albert Hall, composer Brad Fiedel had a lot of time on his hands. “Stuck at home, I decided to take the opportunity to complete this musical that had been needing my attention for a long time. It’s a project that’s very close to my heart and imagining people at home experiencing it really made the whole process feel worthwhile.” 

Brad Fiedel’s score for THE TERMINATOR shook up the world of film scoring and brought him international acclaim. He went on to create scores for a wide range of films including, COMPROMISING POSITIONS, THE BIG EASY, FRIGHT NIGHT, THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, THE ACCUSED, TERMINATOR 2, BLINK and TRUE LIES. “Over the years I learned so much creating the scores for other people’s stories and images, working with an amazing assortment of screenwriters and directors from Arthur Miller to James Cameron. Now, I’m finding it exciting to develop original musical projects with songs and stories that come directly from my imagination.”

Brad Headshot by Cara Robbins crop

Brad Fiedel, photo by Cara Robbins

FULL CIRCLE is an original musical theater project that has never been presented to the public. It is loosely based on events from Fiedel’s grandfather’s life. The story centers on Sarah, a teenager who is stuck in her New York City Apartment. She is so sensitive and empathetic that she is no longer able to tolerate going out in public. She absorbs the feelings and thoughts of others so deeply that she loses control of her body movements, causing intolerable pain and embarrassment. The appearance of her mysterious estranged grandfather creates a possibility for them to work together trying to solve a mystery that has haunted the family for years and is the cause of much suffering.

With theaters closed across the world due to the pandemic, Fiedel was inspired to put together this audio version of his musical and release it for everyone to enjoy at home. Working alone in his home studio, Fiedel was able to assemble various recordings he had of the songs, scenes and narration to create a complete audio experience of the show. The two-act audio version of FULL CIRCLE musical will be released on all digital platforms on June 24th.

Listen to the audio trailer for FULL CIRCLE via Soundcloud:

Listen to a selection of songs from FULL CIRCLE via Soundcloud:


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