Danish Demonic Diminutives

December 3, 2021

Danish Holiday Horror ELVES Scored by Anthony Lledo & Mikkel Maltha

A Christmas vacation turns into a nightmare for a teenager and her family when they discover an ancient menace that stalks their island getaway in the new 6-episode Danish series, ELVES, which has premiered in the USA today on Netflix. In a review at Bloody-Disgusting, writer Paul Lê calls ELVES “perfect Christmas horror for fans of creature features and folk horror… ELVES, or NISSER, could be mistaken for a GOOSEBUMPS story based on the setup alone. A somewhat impaired family is attacked by unearthly creatures while visiting a strange, new place. Sounds familiar. Yet as soon as cows are sent to their sacrificial deaths in order to appease whatever lurks in the forest, you know you’re in for something bolder. The feast does not stop there either; the titular monsters eventually take their first human life after a number of years without incident. The severed head hurled over the fence is a sign this standing truce is hereby over.” The series is scored by Anthony Lledo (FROSTBITTEN, LEGO: LEGENDS OF CHIMA, JOURNAL 64) and Mikkel Maltha (JOURNAL 64, SYGEPLEJESKOLEN TV series), while Leslie Ming (SYGEPLEJESKOLEN) handled the featured needle drop tracks that complement Nina E. Maltha’s theme song, “Shchedryk.”

Watch the film’s trailer:

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