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October 4, 2022

Alan Howarth Joins Christopher Cano & Chris Ridenour to Score Horror Film NIX

NIX sees a return of director Anthony Ferrante from his audacious comedic SHARKNADO thrillers to a more psychological blend of horror. Inspired by Germanic folklore, a tragedy at a mysterious lake continues to haunt a family years after the incident. While Jack Coyle struggles to keep his shattered family together, a strange and powerful entity reveals itself again, opening the wounds for another tragedy to occur. As Jack deals with the consequences, he also must protect his young niece from this frightening creature which threatens to destroy everyone. The film stars Dee Wallace, James Zimbardi, Angie Teodora Dick, Michael Paré, Angela Cole, Skyler Caleb, Niesha Renee Guilbot, and Emily Killian.

“Once we landed on the concept for NIX and realized its potential, I was excited to get back to my horror roots with this elevated, original horror film,” said Ferrante about his new film. “It was also an opportunity to dig into these fractured and haunted characters and explore the depth and emotion within this dark setting while still providing solid thrills and chills.”

For NIX’s musical score, Ferrante is rejoined by his SHARKNADO composing team of Christopher Cano and Chris Ridenhour, veteran composers of the Asylum movies and more, with Alan Howarth (John Carpenter’s go-to associate on the scores to HALLOWEEN 2-5, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, CHRISTINE, PRINCE OF DARKNESS, and THEY LIVE, and veteran sci-fi/horror synthesist and composer) also onboard to co-create NIX’s surplus of musically spooky sonorities.

The NIX movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes/Apple.com, and Vudu.

Watch the NIX trailer:

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