December 4, 2020

Fabio Frizzi Scores Fangoria’s CASTLE FREAK Remake/Reboot

Genre-specialist Italian composer Fabio Frizzi has scored Fangoria Films’ new remake/reboot of CASTLE FREAK, based on Stuart Gordon’s 1995 horror film that adapted H. P. Lovecraft’s celebrated short horror tale “The Outsider.” The original film’s star Barbara Crampton is one of the new film’s producers, as is Charles Band, executive producer of Gordon’s 1995 version. Special effects artist Tate Steinsiek has directed the film, from a script by Kathy Charles. The remake premiered today on the Shudder streaming service.

In a Twitter post, Barbara Crampton wrote that the reimagined story “will have elements of the first but with many new characters and an expanded Lovecraft universe,” while Steinsiek, announcing the project on Instagram, wrote :“It’s such an honor to be taking not only a Stuart Gordon classic, but also embracing the world of Lovecraft. Thank you Charles Band and Fangoria for the opportunity, this is going to be fucking brutal.”

Frizzi’s Euro-horror claim-to-fame began in 1979 when he scored Lucio Fulci’s acclaimed ZOMBIE (aka ZOMBI 2) and several other films for Fulci. In addition to the forthcoming CASTLE FREAK, in recent years Frizzi has also scored Fangoria Films’ PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH (2018), co-written and co-produced by Charles Band.

Watch the 2020 CASTLE FREAK Trailer:

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