February 25, 2021

Disney short Myth: A Frozen Tale,  scored by Joseph Trapanese, debuts on Disney+ in 2D tomorrow

Disney’s acclaimed VR short, MYTH: A FROZEN TALE, a bedtime story about the elemental spirits from FROZEN 2, which debuted at the world premiere of that film in November 2019, launches February 26 on Disney+ in 2D. While not as immersive in 2D, the short still captivates as a gaze into the mysterious and moody forest outside Arendelle (narrated by Evan Rachel Wood’s Queen Queen Iduna).

Director Jeff Gipson, who made Disney’s first VR short, CYCLES, in 2018, was inspired by his own family tradition of telling bedtime stories, and applied it to the mythology of MYTH’s  forest characters: the Nokk stallion water spirit, the massive earth giants, the Bruni salamander fire spirit, and the swirling wind. “And I also wanted to draw from the history of [Disney],” he said, “where this traditional animation is tied to the music it’s animated to. Looking at films like FANTASIA, the pink elephants sequence (in DUMBO), MAKE MINE MUSIC, PETER AND THE WOLF, it almost moves exactly with that music.” As a result, TRON: LEGACY composer Joseph Trapanese tied his score around the characters in a similar manner.

-via IndieWire

Joseph Trapanese’s score for MYTH: A FROZEN TALE is available digitally in a 7-track soundtrack album from Disney Records, available from Amazon and other digital retailers. 

Listen to a clip of Trapanese score below:

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