May 5, 2019

CRAWL: A Category 5 Horror Score from Max Aruj & Steffen Thum

CRAWL posterComposers Max Aruj & Steffen Thum (iBOY, WARNING SHOT, IGNITE) have composed the original music for the upcoming horror thriller CRAWL.

Directed by Alexandre Aja (THE HILLS HAVE EYES, HIGH TENSION, PIRANHA 3D) from a screenplay by Michael & Shawn Rasmussen (THE WARD), the movie follows a young woman who becomes trapped in a flooding house during a Category 5 hurricane and must battle against Florida’s most savage and feared reptile predators. Aja also produced the Ghost House Pictures production with Craig Flores (300) and Sam Raimi (SPIDER-MAN, EVIL DEAD). The film stars Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper as a woman and her father who are trapped in a flooding house and must fight for their lives against hungry alligators.

Lorne Balfe serves as the score producer of the film. The composers have both contributed additional music to various projects scored by Balfe over the last few years.

CRAWL debuts on July 12 from Paramount Pictures.

– via filmmusicreporter 


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Check out the composers’ websites: http://maxaruj.com/film, https://www.steffenthum.com/ 

Watch the intense CRAWL trailer below: 


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