Hans Zimmer and DARK PHOENIX

September 28, 2018

Hans Zimmer Scores Next X-MEN movie, DARK PHOENIX

Dark Phoenix teaser poster from IMDB

THE X-MEN Movie, DARK PHOENIX, is set for release Feb 14, 2019. Hans Zimmer is scoring the movie. Prior movies in 20th Century Fox’s X-MEN franchise have been scored by John Powell, Marco Beltrami, and others.

Zimmer had stated back in March 2016 that he would not score another superhero film following his experience working on BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, but he later explained that in conversations with director Ron Howard he was convinced to not keep a “blanket” view and to focus on waiting for the right story rather than avoiding an entire genre. When director Simon Kinberg approached him at a concert to talk about his vision for Dark Phoenix, Zimmer realized that the story was one that he wanted to help tell and that the film would be an opportunity to do something that he had always wanted to try in a film score, so he decided to join the production [-via Collider Quick on youtube: Hans Zimmer on Widows, Dark Phoenix and Wonder Woman 2].

Watch the film’s trailer:

September 24, 2018

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