Here There Be Dragon Soldiers

October 10, 2020

Edwin Wendler Scores DRAGON SOLDIERS

When locals start vanishing from a small Colorado town, the mayor hires a squad of elite mercenaries to fight off the menace — whoever or whatever it may be. Leader Cameron (Ruben Pla, INSIDIOUS) and his team suspect a ruthless gang of mercenary survivalists…until they come face to face with a massive, airborne, fire-breathing reptile. Now, stopping the creature and surviving the attacks will take weapons, explosives, and gunfire, along with every ounce of courage they have left.

DRAGON SOLDIERS is being released in the US by Lionsgate on DVD, Digital, and On Demand December 15 (There have been earlier releases in Great Britain and other territories).

Directed by Hank Braxtan (SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON, UNNATURAL, CHEMICAL PEEL), written by Dan Sinclair (CHEMICAL PEEL, DEAD ANT co-writer: story), the film stars Autuone Torbert, Ruben Pla, Arielle Brachfeld, Dan Sinclair, Heath C. Heine, Tarkan Dospil.

Edwin Wendler (DEAD ANT, UNNATURAL, (RING OF ELYSIUM video game, HOME: THE HORROR STORY) provides an original score for the film. “For me, this score represents a very happy time, just before the pandemic hit,” Wendler said in a Facebook post. “I was given the opportunity to write a massive-sounding, symphonic action score, and I got to be a bit nerdy by paying homage to some of my musical idols and writing dodecaphonic music for the titular dragon.”

“In addition to being a fun creature feature, this movie is also about camaraderie, brought to life by a very likeable cast. Director Hank Braxtan really trusts the people he works with, which is a dream come true for all of us on the team.”

Wendler anticipates a soundtrack album to be forthcoming. Details will follow.

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