Horror Along The Wild West’s Oregon Trail

April 13, 2023

Horror History Along The “ORGAN” TRAIL – With Score by Wedren & Bischoff

A young Abigale Archer winds up alone in the Montana winter during the 1870s when bloodthirst bandits killed her family. She fights for her survival and to retrieve her one earthly possession, a family horse, as the gang sets its bloodthirsty target on her next. Filmed in Montana, the movie is directed by Michael Patrick Jann (DAYBREAK [2019], POWERLESS [2016], RENO 911! [2003-07], THE STATE [1993-95] from a script by Meg Turner. It stars Olivia Grace Applegate (EUPHORIA), Mather Zickel (RACHEL GETTING MARRIED), and Zoé De Grand Maison (RIVERDALE).

The film’s music is composer by Jherek Bischoff (known for LORO [2018], THE GRAVE OF ST. ORAN [2019 animated], THE DEVIL MAKES THREE [2023] and Craig Wedren (known for YELLOWJACKETS [2021-03], RENO 911! [2003-2020], ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST [2020], GLOW [2017-19], POWERLESS [2017]).

“As anyone who played vaguely educational video games in the ’90s will tell you, the Oregon Trail was a very dangerous place,” wrote Austen Goslin in a piece about the movie in Polygon.com. “But in the trailer for the new frontier horror movie, ORGAN TRAIL, there’s a lot more than dysentery threatening travelers on this treacherous voyage. The movie follows a family making their way to the northwest territories when they’re overtaken by a ruthless gang of outlaws. The gang kills all but Abigale, who escapes but is lost to the wild west to survive her pursuers.”

Watch the film’s trailer:

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