October 18, 2018

Bear on Bear: Behind the Score of New Shocker I STILL SEE YOU

I_Still_See_You OST large.jpgBear McCreary’s latest film score is for Scott Speer’s fascinating thriller, I STILL SEE YOU. The movie is set nearly a decade after an apocalyptic event kills off millions and leaves the world haunted by ghosts who live out endless loops of their former lives. Directed by Scott Speer, Bella Thorne stars as Veronica “Roni” Calder, who receives a threatening message from one of these spirit remnants (“rems”), who normally have no effect on the material world and can’t communicate with the living. To help figure it out, Ronnie joins forces with a mysterious classmate named Kirk (Richard Harmon) to discover the truth about the shadow world that blurs the boundaries between the living and the dead.

“I was intrigued by the film’s premise,” Bear wrote in his online blog. “I knew this clever story could support dynamic, emotional, genre-bending music.” Bear writes that his early ideas “were based on vocal audio samples that had been slowed down by a magnitude of a thousand times or more, generating huge haunting textures. I wanted to create musical ‘rems,’ as if instruments and singers had been frozen in a supernatural audio purgatory.  As the film entered post-production, Scott and I refined our musical approach. We knew that modern electronic colors would certainly fit the film’s contemporary aesthetic, however we wanted to also infuse the film with classic thematic development, presented in an orchestral context.”

Read more details about the creation of the I STILL SEE YOU score, and listen to a fistful of samples from the film score, at Bear’s blog.

A soundtrack album of the score is available from McCreary’s record label, Sparks & Shadows, via AmazoniTunes, and Spotify.

In the following video, posted to youtube, Bear McCreary sits down with director Scott Speer to discuss the music of his film:


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