November 27, 2021

Korean Horror on Netflix is HELLBOUND – Scary Score by Composer Kim Dong-wook

HELLBOUND is a South Korean dark fantasy streaming television series directed by visionary South Korean filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho (TRAIN TO BUSAN, PENINSULA, SEOUL STATION) based on his own webtoon The Hell – which was illustrated by Choi Kyu-seok, who co-wrote HELLBOUND (Webtoons are digital comics, poised to replace K-pop as South Korea’s newest international sensation, with multiple film and series adaptations in production).

HELLBOUND occurs in an alternate reality version of Earth, wherein supernatural creatures suddenly materialize to deliver prophesies and drag humans to Hell. “In many ways, Sang-ho uses The Hell as a storyboard for HELLBOUND, a series about a nation coping with a new phenomenon of ‘sinners’ literally condemned, and a religious sect on the rise, led by Jung Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in),” wrote Geoff Macnaughton in an article about the series on “Investigating the phenomenon of ‘proclamations’ and ritualistic murders is police detective Jin Kyung-hoon (Yang Ik-june). Examining the mysterious sect are broadcast journalist Bae Young-jae (Park Jeong-min) and lawyer of the accused sinners Min Hey-jin (Kim Hyun-joo). Together, these three investigators search for answers in this wildly original commentary on the growing anxieties of a nation.”

While episodes 1-3 focus on detective Kyeong-hoon’s investigations, episodes 4-6 take place five years later and focus on journalist Young-jae as he struggles with the fact that his newborn baby may be bound for Hell.

The series’ eerie and formidable musical score is composed by Kim Dong-wook (MARIONETTE, THE CURSED,, TWO WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL). “With wonderful, heart-racing music from Kim Dong-wook, HELLBOUND expertly paces its descent into chaos, knowing when to slow down on brutal murders and when to present its moral quandaries,” wrote Katey Stoetzel in a review of the film for TheYoungFolks website.

The series was released on Netflix on November 19, 2021 and reportedly became the world’s most watched Netflix series the next day, surpassing SQUID GAME.

Watch the HELLBOUND trailer:

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