La Musica En El Cine Di Terror

October 18, 2018

Book on Movie Thriller Music to be Released in Europe

La Musica En El Cine Di Terror by Werba

Book Cover by Luis Miguel Rojas

Composer Marco Werba has written a composition treatise dedicated to iconic film music for genre motion pictures. The book will analyze well-known scores by Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Morricone, as well as Maestro Werba himself.
Structured from the point of view of a composer rather than a music critic, Marco Werba analyzes the functions of music in the genre movies of thrillers, horror, and science fiction, the composers’ working methods, the collaboration between director and producer, the coexistence between dialogues, music and sound effects, and more.

Mr. Werba has won three competitive awards for Dario Argento’s GIALLO. He also worked with Ivan Zuccon in COLOUR FROM THE DARK, with Timo Rose in BEAST, with Bryan Norton and Antonio Padovan in JACK ATTACK, with John Real in NATIVE (Italian Golden Globes in 2011), with Matthan Harris in THE INFLICTED, with David Lee Madison in MR. HUSH, with Cody Knotts in PRO WRESTLERS VS ZOMBIES, with Claudio Sestieri in SEGUIMI – IL FILM (In My Steps), and with Marco Pollini in the upcoming action/thriller, POP POSTA.

Mr. Werba has treasured his extensive experience during 30 years of active motion picture scoring and has conveyed his enthusiasm in this literate, celebratory book. This invaluable volume will be published in Spain by Editorial Rosetta and subsequently in Italy and other countries. The author hopes an English language version may be published in the future.

This distinctively original work is of value not only to aficionados of classic film music, but as a unique, first person textbook for music schools, and for students of their courses in compositional studies.

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