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January 15, 2023

Composer Aldo Shllaku Scores Horror Thriller THE PRICE WE PAY

Directed by acclaimed Japanese director, producer, and screenwriter Ryuhei Kitamura (NIGHTMARE CINEMA, LUPIN THE 3RD, THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, GODZILLA: FINAL WARS, BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL, AZUMI, VERSUS), the film stars Emile Hirsch (INTO THE WILD), Stephen Dorff (BLADE), Gigi Zumbado, Tyler Sanders, Erika Ervin, Jesse Kinser, Sabina Mach, and Vernon Wells as The Doctor).

Premise: After an intense holdup at a pawnshop, Grace (Zumbado) is taken hostage by the thieves. Forced to take refuge at a remote farmhouse late at night, they discover a secret dungeon with evidence of sadistic violence – and when “Grandfather” comes home, all hell breaks loose. Can Grace muster the courage to escape the gut-wrenching fates that befall her criminal companions?

Composer Aldo Shllaku, an Albanian born, classically-trained film and TV composer based in Los Angeles, has scored the thriller. He is known for the films VANQUISH, THE COMEBACK TRAIL, THE POISON ROSE, NIGHTMARE CINEMA, KILL ‘EM ALL, DOWNRANGE, PARANORMAL ASYLUM, and many more since 2001. For more information see the composer’s website.

The film was released on Video On Demand on January 10, 2023 and in select theaters on January 13, 2023.

Watch the film’s trailer:

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