August 9, 2019

DC Universe drops TITANS Season 2 Trailer – Mansell & Kiner Return to Score

The second season of the superhero show TITANS is scheduled to premiere on the DC Universe streaming site on September 6th. The Season 2 trailer remembers all that was awesome about the first season, and has plenty of new tidbits to anticipate in the new season.

Composers Clint Mansell and Kevin Kiner scored the first season and both are now at work scoring the second season. “I’m thrilled to be writing music for Superboy again, 30 years down the line,” Kiner, who scored the 1988-90 SUPERBOY TV series, told Musique Fantastique. “This new season has been so much fun, and I’m very excited to be doing themes for the new characters, especially the world’s deadliest mercenary, Deathstroke.”

For more details on TITANS, see DC Universe.

Watch the Season 2 teaser trailer:

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