Something More Than Dementia

June 18, 2021

DEMENTIA PART II Soundtrack Album Released – Score by David Labovitch

Written and directed by Matt Mercer and Mike Testin, DEMENTIA PART II (a follow-up to Testin’s feature debut, the creepy 2015 film DEMENTIA) is a horror comedy about Wendell, an ex-con who, to avoid a parole violation, takes a job as a handyman for Suzanne, an unstable elderly woman, and soon realizes he’s made a very bad decision. The pair of visiting freeloaders gradually ripping off the old lady doesn’t help matters, but more significantly, Wendell soon realizes that something is seriously wrong with Suzanne, something more than Dementia…

Reviewing the black-and-white film at its FrightFest debut, journalist/critic/broadcaster Kim Newman praised the film and its star Suzanne Voss (a long-time bit player) who he says “bites into this meaty lead as if it were the part she’d been awaiting all her career – it’s down to her that Suzanne isn’t just a grim joke on a par with the leads of RABID GRANNIES…  Suzanne veers all over the emotional map, sometimes so sweet and vulnerable… sometimes so cunning and calculating that they almost sense they’re being lured deeper into her daffy world, and sometimes frothing, bloody-mouthed maniac.  Everyone else is good, but they have to cede center screen to Voss.”

The film’s score has been composed by David Labovitch and is his first feature film score after having scored several shorts including 2013’s BLISS and 2018’s PRETTY UGLY DREAMS. He also composed the theme music for the 2018 short THICK SKIN REQUIRED, and served as music coordinator for Ayyo’s 2013 video game SPATE. Labovitch has released a digital soundtrack album of his which is now available to stream/download on Amazon and other major digital music services.

The horror comedy film, which screened at various film festivals, was released in select theaters last month by Dark Star Pictures & Bloody Disgusting and is now also available on VOD and DVD.

 – via filmmusicreporter and other sources.

Watch the film’s trailer:

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