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October 17, 2022

EDM Duo Crush Effect Scores new animated series TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK

Meet a new generation of heroes in TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK, a fun kid-friendly streaming series premiering on Nov. 11 exclusively on Paramount+. The computer-animated television series, based on the Transformers toyline by Hasbro and Takara, is owned and distributed by Hasbro, and has been co-developed for the new series by Hasbro’s Entertainment One and Nickelodeon Animation Studio, with animation services provided by ICON Creative Studio. The first season will consist of 26 episodes. The series has already been renewed for a second season.

The series is composed by Crush Effect (producer duo Jesse Molloy and David Veith) from Southern CA, who make genre-bending music that spans from nu-funk to nu-disco to electronic Motown. Their experience with production and live music runs deep, as David plays keys for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, and Jesse plays sax for Panic! At The Disco.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK marks Crush Effect’s first foray into composing, and the creative team gave them the freedom to compose a cinematic, synth-heavy score for the series by pulling sounds from modern cyberpunk, EDM, and the dance world. Having grown up in the 80’s with the original TRANSFORMERS series (1984-87), Crush Effect also wanted to capitalize on that nostalgia by taking inspiration from classic retro 80’s scores like those of Tangerine Dream and the original TRON. The resulting score feels authentically “Crush Effect” with a punched-up cool factor and a bit of a darker edge one might not expect from a Nickelodeon animated series while still finding the right balance for the show’s lighter moments and thematic motifs for the iconic characters in the series.

Premise: After the end of civil war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, the Malto family relocates from Philadelphia to the small town of Witwicky, Pennsylvania. There, young Robby and Mo Malto witness the birth of a new breed of Transformers called Terrans, who form a bond with the two. Now adopted into the family, the Terrans work with the children to protect their new life and find their place in the world.

For more information on Crush Effect, see their website.


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