The End of Halloween? Unlikely.

July 19, 2022

HALLOWEEN ENDS Trailer Released Today

What may or may not be the final HALLOWEEN movie from John Carpenter, HALLOWEEN ENDS is the thirteenth installment of the Halloween film franchise, and a sequel to 2021’s HALLOWEEN KILLS. David Gordon Green, director of the previous two HALLOWEEN films, directs, and the film is set to star Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney reprising their roles as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. HALLOWEEN ENDS is a direct sequel to the original film, and is scheduled to be released by Universal Pictures on October 13, 2023.

Producer Jason Blum has stated that while this film would probably not be the final film in the franchise, it will be the last HALLOWEEN movie under Blumhouse, with the rights of the film series reverting to co-producer Malek Akkad Akkad following the release of ENDS. John Carpenter has told that further entries in the franchise are likely if the “dollar sign… is big enough,” although he acknowledged that Green was adamant in ENDS being their story’s ending. Green is slated to direct the as-yet untitled THE EXORCIST film

The music for this movie, as with the 2018 film HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN KILLS, and the 2022 remake FIRESTARTER, is provided by John Carpenter, his son Cody, and Daniel Davies (son of guitarist Dave Davies of The Kinks, and the godson of John Carpenter).

Watch the HALLOWEEN ENDS teaser trailer below:

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